From Ada to Natalia to Elena, this list of Polish baby names for girls is filled with many beautiful options. Explore the names and their meanings, and find the perfect name for your daughter!

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  • AdaAda is a simple Polish name for prestigious girls. The name, pronounced “ah-dah,” means “noble.”
  • Beata Beata is a favored Polish name among girls. Much like the word beatific, it means “blessed.”
  • Bozhena Bozhena is an otherworldly girl's name of Polish origin. It means “divine.”
  • Bronisława Bronisława is a steadfast, memorable girl's name from Poland. It means “protection and glory” and is pronounced “braw-nyee-SWA-va.”
  • Desislava Desislava is the sort of Polish girl's name for parents who want their counted blessings noted. The name literally means “ten glories.”
  • Dobromila Dobromila is a fine Polish name for a fine girl. The name means “good dear.”
  • Dosia Dosia is a respectful Polish name for girls. It means “giving to God.”
  • ElenaElena is an illuminating Polish name for a girl. It means “torch.”
  • Ewelina Ewelina is the sort of Polish name that belongs to female fashion models and top-recruited talents. The name literally means “desired.”
  • Elżbeta Elżbeta is a beatific Polish name for girls. It means “my God is an oath” and is pronounced “elzh-BEH-ta.”
  • Gaja Gaja is a simple Polish name for any worldly girl. The name means “earth” and is pronounced with the j like an i, as in the titan Gaia of Greek mythology.
  • Gosia Gosia is the sort of girl's name associated with Polish waters. This one name means “pearl.”
  • Iga Iga is a surprisingly combative Polish girl's name. The name means “war battle.”
  • Jola Jola is a florid little Polish name for girls. It means “violet,” be it the color or the flower.
  • Lyudmila Lyudmila is a decorous Polish name for girls. It means “gracious people.”
  • Magdalena Magdalena is a very Bible-oriented Polish name for girls. It means “from Magdala,” a region of Israel we now know as Levant.
  • Militsa Militsa is the sort of Polish name well-suited to kind girls. It means “gracious.”
  • NataliaNatalia is a very special Polish name for very special girls. The name specifically refers to “Christmas Day” and may be the most perfect choice for a Christmas girl's name.
  • Owliwia Owliwia is a peaceful Polish girl's name. It is derived from Olivia, a name taken from “olive.” While olives are a tasty vegetable, their branches have long symbolized peace.
  • Radoslava Radoslava is a joyous Polish name for a girl. It means “happy glory.”
  • Renata Renata is a cyclical Polish girl's name. It means “born again” and may be chosen because the mother found Jesus after straying or even because the child closely resembles a deceased love one.
  • Wiktoria Wiktoria is a righteous girl's name from Poland. This name is derived from Victoria, a name synonymous with “victory.”
  • Władysawa Władysawa is a triumphant Polish name for a girl. It means “glorious rule” and is pronounced “vwa-di-SWA-va.”
  • Yaroslava Yaroslava is another glorious Polish name for girls. This particular name means “fierece and glorious.”
  • Zyta Zyta is a sweet Polish name for a small girl. The name literally means “little girl” and might be perfect for the youngest planned daughter you have.

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