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Louise is a baby girl’s name of English and French origin that means “renowned warrior”. Louise has been a popular baby name since 1900. Although it peaked in the first half of the 20th century, Louise has never entirely gone out of fashion.

Meaning and Origin of the name Louise:

Louise is a girl's name of French or origin meaning “renowned warrior.”

Louise is the feminine form of the name Louis. Louis is derived from the Old Frankish name Hlōdowik, which is composed of two Proto-Germanic elements *hlūdaz (meaning “loud” or “famous”) and *wiganą (meaning “to battle” and “to fight”). The relationship of the Old Frankish name Hlōdowik to Louis and, thus, Louise gives Louise the meaning “renowned warrior.”

Symbolism of the name Louise:

Louise has a namesake in the Princesse Louise rose, also called the rambling rose. The flower is pale pink and white that is often used to decorate trellises and arbors.

Nicknames for the name Louise:

Finding an adorable nickname for Louise is easy with this list we put together. We compiled the cutest nicknames to help you find the right nickname for your baby girl. These nicknames are so cute that you may end up wanting to use more than one.

Style of the name Louise:


Gender of the name Louise:

Louise is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Louise:

LWEEZ (French), loo-EEZ (English), loo-EE-sə (Danish), loo-EE-zə (German)

Number of syllables in the name Louise:

Two or three depending on pronunciation

Emotion evoked from the name Louise:

Louise evokes feelings of grace and maturity.

Alternative spellings for the name Louise:

Popularity of the name Louise:

According to the Social Security Administration, Louise is a popular baby girl’s name. Louise has been in the top 1000 baby names list since 1900. It was in the top 100 names list from 1900 to 1948. It peaked at #17 from 1912 to 1914.

Great middle names for the name Louise and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Louise:

  • Louise Le Brun (French painter)
  • Louise Fitzhugh (American novelist)
  • Louise Bourgeois (French-American sculptor)
  • Louise van der Vorst (Australian model)
  • Louise Lombard (English actress)
  • Louise Tate (television, “Bewitched”)
  • Louise Elizabeth Sawyer (film, “Thelma & Louise”)
  • Louise Belcher (television, “Bob's Burgers”)
  • Louise Jefferson (television, “The Jeffersons”)
  • Louise Banks (film, “Arrival”)
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