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Roma is a girl's name with ancient roots. While you may be interested in naming your baby girl Roma in honor of the Eternal City, the roots of this name go even deeper than Rome. In Greek mythology, Roma was the female deity who personified the city after it was named after her by her father. Keep reading to learn more about the eternal name of Roma.

Meaning of the name Roma:

Greek: Strength, power

Origin of the name Roma:

Greek. Roma is the name of a female Greek deity who embodies ideals of strength, advancement, and domination. She is the daughter of a deity named Evander who settled in Italy.

Symbolism of the name Roma:

Roma is a symbol of strength and advancement. In the modern day, it is associated with being from Rome.

Style of the name Roma:


Gender of the name Roma:

Roma is the name of an ancient Greek goddess. The male version of Roma is Roman.

Pronunciation of the name Roma:


Syllables in the name Roma:


Emotion evoked from the name Roma:

People automatically think of the majestic, eternal city of Rome when they hear the name Roma. They may assume that a girl with this name has Italian roots.

Alternative spellings for the name Roma:

Rowma, Romma

Nicknames for the name Roma:

Ro, Romy

Popularity of the name Roma:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Roma consistently made the list of the top 1,000 names between the years of 1900 and 1947. Roma peaked in popularity when it reached #495 in 1911.

Related names for the name Roma:

Romana, Romani

Great middle names for Roma and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Roma:

  • Roma Downey (actress from “Touched by an Angel”)
  • Roma Gąsiorowska (Polish actress)
  • Roma Ryan (Irish writer)

Romas in movies/pop culture:

  • Roma (daughter of Merlin in the Marvel Comics universe)
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