Annalise feels vintage since it has been around for a long time in Germany. Despite this, however, it has no formal meaning. It also has only entered America as an option as of the year 1997, but it is already a top 500 option.

Meaning of the name Annalise:

German: combination name

Origin of the name Annalise:

Annalise comes from a combination of the names Anna and Lise. Lise is actually a shortened form of the name Elizabeth and a nickname for it in German culture. The name is old in Germany, but it is a modern option in America.

Symbolism of the name Annalise:

Annalise is a combination of Anna, which is a popular German name, and Lise. Lise is a Germanic and shortened version of Elizabeth that does immediately feel German.

baby name Annalise

Style of the name Annalise:

Traditional in Germany, modern in America

Gender of the name Annalise:

Annalise is a female name that feels European.

Pronunciation of the name Annalise:

aw-nuh-LEE-suh or AH-nuh-lease

Number of syllables in the name Annalise:

Three or four depending on pronunciation

Emotion evoked from the name Annalise:

Annalise feels natural, wholesome, and kind. It has a European feel that helps to give the name a sense of mystery.

Alternative spellings for the name Annalise:

Nicknames for the name Annalise:

Popularity of the name Annalise:

The baby name Annalise became a top 1,000 name in America in 1997 at rank 894. In 2013, it became a top 500 name, where it remains in 2020 at number 441. In the year 2017, Annalise was briefly a top 400 name for girls at number 391.

Related names for the name Annalise:

Great middle names for Annalise and their meanings:

  • Camille (helper to the priest)
  • Belle (beauty)
  • Mara (bitter)
  • Rose (rose, a flower)
  • Stella (star)
  • Juliet (youthful, jove's child)
  • Mirelle (wonderful, worthy of admiration)
  • Justine (fair, upright)
  • Fleur (flower)

Famous people with the name Annalise:

  • Annalise Basso (actress, “Captain Fantastic”)
  • Annalise Braakensiek (professional model)
  • Annalise Murphy (Olympic sailor)
  • Annalise Sun (pen name of Ann Maxwell)

Annalises in popular culture:

  • Annalise Keating (main character in “How to Get Away with Murder”)
  • Annalise Hartman (character in “Neighbours”)
  • Annalise Appleton (character in “Hollyoaks”)