Mario is most well-known because of the video game character of the same name. It is a fun baby name in America that has deep respect in Italian and Spanish families. Mario does remain a top 400 name option in America as of 2020.

Meaning of the name Mario:

Italian: Mars, warlike
Spanish: Mars, warlike

Origin of the name Mario:

Mario is the Italian and Spanish variation of the baby name Marius. The latter was a surname that came from the name Mars. Mars was a given name that represented the god of war with the same name.

Symbolism of the name Mario:

The baby name Mario means “Mars” first because it dates back to the Roman, god-like name, Mars. It also means “warlike” since Mars was the god of all wars, according to Roman mythology.

Style of the name Mario:


Gender of the name Mario:

Mario is a fun and outgoing baby name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Mario:


Number of syllables in the name Mario:


Emotion evoked from the name Mario:

Mario is a fun and wholesome baby name. It is unique in that many parents could use it to reference their favorite video games.

Alternative spellings for the name Mario:

  • Maryo
  • Mareo
  • Mareeo

Nicknames for the name Mario:

  • Mars
  • Mar
  • Rio
  • Mari
  • Ma
  • Ario

Popularity of the name Mario:

The baby name Mario was a top 200 name in America from 1965 to 2009. It ranked highest in 1980 at number 102. As of 2020, Mario is still popularly used, as it is rank 329 for boys.

Related names for the name Mario:

Great middle names for Mario and their meanings:

  • Antoine (highly praiseworthy)
  • Byron (byre, cowshed)
  • Vincent (conquering)
  • Romulus (man of Rome)
  • Xander (defender of man)
  • Julius (downy, soft-haired)
  • Donovan (dark, brown-haired chieftan)
  • Tiernan (little lord)

Famous people with the name Mario:

  • Mario Cuomo (former governor of New York)
  • Mario Lopez (actor, “Saved by the Bell”)
  • Mario Andretti (race car driver)
  • Mario Batali (TV chef)
  • Mario Winans (R&B singer)
  • Mario van Peebles (actor, director, “Jaws: The Revenge”)
  • Mario Lavandeira (gossip blogger, Perez Hilton)

Marios in popular culture:

  • Mario (character from Nintendo video games)
  • Mario Auditore (character from “Assassin's Creed” video game series)