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Michele is a beautiful baby name that boasts a gender-neutral feel for baby boys and girls alike. Michele is also an interesting name as there are different ways to pronounce it. Keep reading to discover more information about the name.

Meaning of the name Michele:

Hebrew for “who is like God?”

Origin of the name Michele:

Michele is an interesting baby name as it has a few origins. Because Michele is a cross-cultural name, there are both Italian and English origins. In Italian, Michele is a variation of “Michael”. In English, it's a spin on the French name “Michelle”, which is a feminine form of “Michel”, a variation of the name “Michael”.

As such, the name Michele goes back to the Hebrew name “Michael”, granting it Hebrew roots overall.

Symbolism of the name Michele:

As a baby name, much of the symbolism Michele has comes through its connection to the name “Michael”. It symbolizes power, strength, and the urge to defend and protect others.

Style of the name Michele:


Gender of the name Michele:

The baby name Michele is known to be used for both boys and girls with the latter being more popular.

Pronunciation of the name Michele:

mi-SHEHL or mee-KEH-leh

Number of syllables in the name Michele:

Two or three depending on pronunciation.

Emotion evoked from the name Michele:

Michele is a pleasant-sounding name that has an air of class and power behind it.

Alternative spellings for the name Michele:

Nicknames for the name Michele:

Popularity of the name Michele:

Based on information from the Social Security Index, Michele landed in the top 1000 as a name for baby girls for decades, reaching as high as #29 in 1968. Michele also ranked for boys, yet not nearly as often or as high as it only reached #835 in 1969 before falling out of the top 1000 in 1974.

Related names for the name Michele:

Great middle names for Michele and their meanings:


  • Ruth (compassionate friend)
  • Corinne (maiden)
  • Irene (peace)
  • Jade (stone of the side)
  • Malia (bitter)
  • Erin (from the island to the west)
  • Lenore (meaning unknown)
  • Amari (eternal)


  • Fisher (fisherman)
  • Alexander (defending men)
  • Silas (wood, forest)
  • Ethan (strong, firm)
  • Zeke (God strengthens)
  • Osiris (with strong eyesight)
  • Tariq (the one who knocks at the door)
  • Everett (brave as a wild boar)

Famous people with the name Michele:

  • Michele Morrone (Italian actor)
  • Michele Bravi (Italian singer)
  • Michele (Italian pop singer)
  • Michele Soavi (Italian film director)
  • Michele Waagaard (Thai model, radio host, singer)
  • Michele Amas (New Zealand actress, playwright, poet)
  • Michele Lee (American actress)
  • Michele Scarabelli (Canadian actress)

Micheles in movies/pop culture:

  • Michele(a character in the 1997 movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion)
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