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Mychal is an angelic baby name. This variant of Michael carries all of the strength and beauty of the original name with a graceful twist. Keep reading to learn why Mychal is such a powerful baby name for a boy.

Meaning of the name Mychal:

Hebrew: Who is like God?

Origin of the name Mychal

Hebrew. Mychal is a variation of the Hebrew word mīkhā'ē'l. In Christianity, it is the name of one of the seven archangels.

Symbolism of the name Mychal:

Mychal is closely associated with Michael the Archangel. It is a name that symbolizes strength and virtue.

Style of the name Mychal:


Gender of the name Mychal:

Mychal is a traditionally masculine name across many different cultures.

Pronunciation of the name Mychal:


Syllables in the name Mychal:


Emotion evoked from the name Mychal:

The name Mychal is strong, powerful, and classic while also adding a bit of whimsy due to its unique spelling.

Alternative spellings for the name Mychal:

Micheal, Mikael, Mikhael.

Nicknames for the name Mychal:

Mickey, Mike, Mikey.

Popularity of the name Mychal:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Mychal made the list of the 1,000 most popular baby names every year from 1987 to 1990.

Related names for the name Mychal:

Michel, Mitchell

Great middle names for Mychal and their meanings:

  • Claude (stuttering)
  • Evan (the Lord is gracious)
  • Fitzpatrick (son of the nobleman)
  • Gavin (white hawk)
  • Paulo (humble)
  • Pearce (rock)
  • Quinton (farmstead, estate)
  • Troy (foot soldier)
  • Vern (alder tree)
  • Vincent (to conquer)

Famous people with the name Mychal:

  • Mychal Ammons (American basketball player)
  • Mychal Givens (American baseball pitcher)
  • Mychal Green (American basketball player)
  • Mychal Kearse (American basketball player)
  • Mychal Kendricks (American football linebacker)
  • Mychal(American priest who served as a chaplain to the New York City Fire Department during the September 11 attacks)
  • Mychal Rivera (American football tight end)
  • Mychal Denzel Smith (writer)

Mychals in movies/pop culture:

  • Mychal Turner (character in John Green's “Turtles All the Way Down”)
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