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Gemma was once a nickname in Italy, but it is now a standalone name in the origin country and around the world. It represents the preciousness of a gemstone, making it a beautiful name for girls. Currently, the name is close to a top 200 name option in America.

Meaning of the name Gemma:

Italian: precious stone

Origin of the name Gemma:

Gemma began as a nickname during Medieval times in Italy. It was meany for ladies who were seen as precious as a stone. Despite the traditional origins, it only became a top 1,000 name in America in 2009.

Symbolism of the name Gemma:

The baby name Gemma means “precious stone” as it was used for a nickname for ladies as precious as a gemstone. It utilizes the same prefix as the name gem, which adds to the meaning.

Style of the name Gemma:


Gender of the name Gemma:

Gemma is a flirty and feminine girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Gemma:


Number of syllables in the name Gemma:


Emotion evoked from the name Gemma:

Gemma is a refined and wholesome name. It is beautiful, classy, and attractive.

Alternative spellings for the name Gemma:

  • Gema
  • Jemma

Nicknames for the name Gemma:

Popularity of the name Gemma:

The baby name Gemma was very popular in England in the 1980s. It became a top 1,000 option in America in 2008 at number 997. The name rose to the top 300 list in 2014 until 2018. In 2019, the name became a top 200 name for the first time at 198, and as of 2020, it ranks at number 207.

Related names for the name Gemma:

Great middle names for Gemma and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Gemma:

  • Gemma di Manetto Donati (wife of Dante Alighieri)
  • Gemma Arterton (actress, “Clash of the Titans”)
  • Gemma Hayes (singer of The Cake Sale band)
  • Gemma Ward (actress, “The Strangers”)
  • Gemma Jen (paralympian from Singapore)
  • Gemma Bissix (actress, “EastEnders”)
  • Gemma Bond (professional ballerina)
  • Gemma Whelan (actress, “Emma”)

Gemmas in popular culture:

  • Gemma (character from “Hex”)
  • Gemma Castleroy (character from “Reign”)
  • Gemma Morrow (character from “Sons of Anarchy”)
  • Gemma Leslie (character from “Fangirl”)
  • Gemma Doyle (character from “Gemma Doyle” trilogy)
  • Gemma Brogan (character from “Junk”)
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