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Chanster: Family Name, Meaning, History, And More

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Chanster: Family Name, Meaning, History, And More

Family surnames, often called last names or family names, play an important role in shaping our identities and connecting us to our family roots. Our last names are more than just labels. They are passed down throughout the decades and tell the story of our lineage and heritage.

Family surnames can offer insights into one's ancestral roots, regional origins, and even occupational histories. Chanster is a surname that certainly reflects all of these threads of family history. We will dive deeper into this last name to discover where the name came from, what it means, and the famous people connected to this surname.

Chanster Family Name: Meaning and origins

Originating in Britain, Chanster is an Anglo-Saxon name that first appears in Leicestershire, England. Chanster comes from the Anglo-French word chantour or the Old French word chanteor, words that mean singer or chorister. Moreover, Chanster is the feminine form of this French word. Chanster is classified as an occupational surname, suggesting that it may have been given to people who worked as singers or musicians.

One of the first recorded instances of the name is Hugh Sottovagina, also known as Hugh the Chanter or the Chantor. Hugh the Chanter was the choir leader of York Minster Cathedral from 1125 through 1139. Later, he was Bishop of Exeter from 1186 until he died in 1191. Additionally, he is an important eyewitness to history from this period and wrote a Latin book, The History of the House of York. He is buried in Exeter Cathedral in Devon, England.

Blurred photo of choir singing in concert
Chanster comes from the French word that means singer or chorister.


Chanster Family Name: Family history

Family surnames originating in the 17th or 18th centuries have many spelling variations due to illiteracy and migration. For this reason, it is often difficult to locate today's surnames in records from those centuries. For instance, the playwright William Shakespeare's name was spelled Shakespeare, Shakespere, Shakespear, Shakspere, and Shaxspere throughout the years. Likewise, the surname Chanster has many spelling variations. Some of the most common variations include Chaunter, Chanter, Chanster, Chantor, and Chaunster.

The name first appears in North America in 1686. Here is a list of the first known Chansters to appear in passenger and immigration lists. (Some of the last name variations appear in these records.)

  • Nicholas Chaunter, Barbados ,1686
  • John Chanter, America, 1736
  • Thomas Chaunter, America, 1749

By 1891, the surname Chanster was harder to find, probably because of the many spelling variations. Census records from that year indicate only two families with this last name lived in London, and no other Chansters were recorded in that year's census. Sadly, ancestry records also suggest that people with this last name lived shorter lives in bygone years, indicating family members lived in harsh conditions that may have affected their health.

family tree
Census records indicate that the Chanster surname became less prevalent over time.


Chanster Family Name: Famous people with this name

Despite its historical roots, the surname Chanster, as are the spelling variations, is rare today. In the 2010 United States census, Chanter, a common variation, only appears 106 times. This somewhat recent data suggests that only about 0.04 percent of the United States population has this name. So, if your last name is Chanter, you have a unique surname. Chanster, our original surname, is even rarer.

Famous people linked to the Chanster surname include a British singing duo, The Chanter Sisters, comprised of Irene and Doreen Chanter, and Vic Chanter, an Australian football player. Two Australian politicians, John Courtenay Chanter and John Moore Chanter, also share this last name.

In Summary

Family surnames shape our identities and connect us to our family legacy. However, they aren't just labels but often hold clues to our family roots. The surname Chanster is an excellent example of a surname that provides clues about family history. Originating in Leicestershire, England, and derived from the Anglo-French and Old French words for “singer,” Chanster is classified as an occupational surname. This last name indicates that members of this family were often singers or musicians.

Despite its rich history, the surname Chanster has undergone many spelling changes throughout the centuries, making it challenging to trace in historical records. Immigration and census records also indicate that people with this last name lived shorter lives than average, suggesting their lives may have been difficult.

By 1891, the surname had become increasingly rare. However, the name has yet to disappear completely. The Chanter Sisters, a British singing duo, Australian football player Vic Chanter, and politicians John Courtenay Chanter and John Moore Chanter all share this last name. A rare and beautiful last name, those with this surname share a long and fascinating ancestral history.

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