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Jakol: Family Name, Meaning, History, and More

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Jakol: Family Name, Meaning, History, and More

While some family names, or surnames, are relatively common, resulting in a wealth of online genealogical information, others are much harder to research. Such is the case with the Jakol family name. While researching a rare surname can be challenging, it is also strangely gratifying to discover new information about your family history. However, it will require patience and dedication to find the information you are searching for. Read on to learn about the information available online regarding the Jakol family. We will also offer tips for those researching this last name or other unusual family names.

How Rare Is the Jakol Family Name?

Only one in every 269,909,108 people has the last name Jakol. It is an incredibly rare and unique surname, occurring most frequently in Southeast Asia. While only twenty-two people in Malaysia have this last name, Malaysia has the most people with the Jakol family name. Outside of Malaysia, it is found only in five other countries, including Nigeria and the Philippines. Four percent of the population in these two countries has this last name. It also occasionally appears as a first name.

According to the United States Social Security Administration, the name first appeared in the United States in 1894. The data also reveals that only five people were born with this name in America between 1880 and 2021. However, the Ancestry website lists two families with this name living in New York in 1880.

While Ancestry has family records numbering in the millions for more common surnames, the Jakol surname only has 171 records available to peruse. These include census and military records, birth and death certificates, and passenger lists. Census records are especially helpful because they record the number of family members, their occupations, and, in some cases, the family immigration dates.

U.S. Bureau of the Census computer operator at a punch card sorter, ca. 1940.
Census records are great resources for family researchers.

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Variations of the Jakol Family Name

There are other names that are similar to Jakol and may be offshoots of this family name.

  • Jackoel – Family name most commonly found in South Sudan
  • Jackole – This surname may be extinct today as no data exists.
  • Jacol – Mostly found in the Philippines, approximately 329 people worldwide share this surname.
  • Jaikol – Only 431 people have this surname. It is mostly found in Uganda.
  • Jakole – Most prevalent in South Africa, only twenty-three people have this last name.

Often, family names with long histories have many different spelling variations. These changes are due to phonetics, immigration, and mistakes in paperwork. Sometimes, immigrants changed the spelling of the name on purpose. Since there is such limited information about this family name, it is hard to know how many offshoots there are today and whether all of these names are connected.

Researching Rare Family Names Like Jakol

If you have a rare family name, here are some tips for researching it online. It is always best to start with knowledgeable family members and collect as much information about your family history as possible. The more information you have from direct sources, the more fruitful your online research will be.

Local historical societies and libraries, both public and academic, can also provide valuable clues about your family history. They will have extensive archives and databases to pour over.

There are many genealogy websites online. Some, like Ancestry, provide a wealth of information about many families. However, crucial information is often behind a paywall, and extended research may become expensive.

Family-specific websites are cheaper and often connect you with other researchers. Collaboration is great in online genealogical research because you can share and cross-reference information you have discovered.

Finally, DNA testing has become incredibly popular in recent years. It is an invaluable tool for discovering unknown or long-lost relatives. However, it is also pricey. Fortunately, sites like 23andMe usually offer deep discounts on their DNA tests around holidays like Christmas or Father's Day. Again, patience and perseverance are the key to researching obscure family names. Not to mention a willingness to spend a little money on your family research.

Fun Facts About the Jakol Family Name

Here is some interesting family trivia about the Jakol surname.

  • While Southeast Asia is where this name most frequently appears, it is also found in Poland and Sweden.
  • The name also appears in Australian birth, death, and marriage records.
  • As a first name, it may be related to the German name Jäkel, which is a pet name for Jacob.
  • Numerology assigns values to the letters of words or names to interpret their hidden meaning. The name Jakol has a numerology value of four. In numerology, the number four typically represents a practical, hardworking approach to life. It may also mean strength and productivity.
Scientist analyzes DNA gel used in genetics, forensics, drug discovery, biology and medicine.
DNA testing is especially helpful when researching rare family names like Jakol.


In Conclusion

Jackol is an incredibly rare family name, with only one in 269,909,108 people having this last name. It is primarily found in Southeast Asia, with most people bearing the name living in Malaysia. The name also appears in Nigeria, the Philippines, and South Africa. In American history, the surname only occurs a few times in historical records.

However, just because there is not a wealth of information about the Jakol family name online does not mean that there is not a hidden treasure trove of information out there. Consulting archives, databases, and other researchers will likely reveal the dynamic history of this family name.

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