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Moreno: Family Name, Meaning, History, and More

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Moreno: Family Name, Meaning, History, and More

People can feel a sense of connection and meaning by knowing about their family's heritage. There is so much that history can tell us if you look back at your ancestors and where they came from. Today, we are going to take a deeper look at the Moreno family and learn their origin, the name's meaning, history, and other interesting facts.

Origin and Meaning

The Moreno name originates from Spain. Originally, Spanish people were only referred to by a single name. It wasn't until the Middle Ages that surnames came into existence, and two names were used to identify people better. The meaning of this name is the direct translation of the word. In Spanish, Portuguese, and Jewish culture, this name or word was used to describe the complexion of someone's skin; “brown,” “dark-skinned,” and “dark-haired.”

Surname Variations

Just like in the Middle Ages when people decided to use two names instead of just a surname, surnames also evolved. Moreno is likely a variation of a surname that came before it. Here are some variations of the surname Moreno.

  • Mareno
  • Morena
  • Morenito
  • Morenita
  • Morera
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To find out as much as you can about your history, DNA tests to connect you with distant family members are very helpful.

Interesting Facts

Mexico, Spain, and Argentina have the highest population of Moreno's in the world. There are approximately 161,000 people named Moreno in Mexico, 65,000 in Spain, and 17,000 in Argentina. But, there are approximately 10,662,040 people named Moreno in the world.

We can also take a look back at what the Moreno ancestors did for work. In the United States, around 1940, about 36% of Morenos were labor workers, six percent were farm laborers, five percent were farmers, and three percent were salesmen. In Canada during the 1920s, approximately 50% of Morenos were farmers, and the other 50% were musicians.

Famous People Named Moreno

Are you wondering if there are people who share your last name who are famous? Here's a list of some Moreno's who have experienced stardom.

  • Pedro Moreno — Cuban model and actor
  • Angela Moreno — American actress
  • Kristel Moreno — Filipino dancer and actress
  • Alma Moreno — Filipino politician and actress
  • Chino Moreno — American musician, singer, and songwriter
  • Keidy Moreno — Venezuelan fashion model
  • Belita Moreno — American actress
  • Isko Moreno — Filipino actor
  • Mavrick Moreno — American actor
  • Muriel Moreno — French singer
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