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Free Birth (Natal) Chart For Expectant Mothers

Free Birth (Natal) Chart For Expectant Mothers

Key Points

  • A birth chart is designed to tell you what celestial and universal forces were at play at the time a person was born.
  • Some believe that a birth chart can give them insight into how their child may behave and develop.
  • Birth charts are not an exact science.

If you are pregnant and you are expecting a child, then you may have many reasons why you would want to get your hands on a free birth (natal) chart. While not an exact science, many people depend on astrology to give them peace of mind and a possible glimpse into their future. 

The good news is that birth charts have been popular in recent years, so it is easy to get one online. For those unfamiliar with this concept, a natal chart is a way to learn about the celestial and universal energies that were in play at the exact minute that you (or, in this case, your child) were born into the world. For expectant mothers, this is a way to try to determine the personality type of their new baby and the connections they will make with others.

As the years have gone by, it has become easier than ever to obtain a birth chart online. There are many websites online that allow you to create a chart simply by entering the date of birth, city of birth, and the exact minute of the birth (or as close as you can get). A completed free birth chart will display the zodiac signs and the planets and how you relate to them based on your birth date. Or, in this case, it will tell you more about the child in your pregnant tummy.

Here is an example of a free birth (natal) chart for expectant mothers:

This Birth (natal) chart is based on astrology and it can give you an idea of the characteristics of your newborn baby and how they may act as they age.

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Understanding the Planets on Your Free Birth Chart

Once you get your personalized natal chart, you will notice that it features all of the planets around the circular perimeter. Each of the planets means something different. The positioning of the lines on the chart will help to explain your child's personality and what makes them unique. 


A circle with a dot in the middle, the sun sign represents your dominant personality trait and your direct identity. So, this could tell you if your new baby will be stubborn, practical, pleasure-focused, or something else altogether.


The crescent moon is a reflection of your emotional personality and the inner self that not everyone can see at first glance. The moon is about your emotions. More than just happy or sad, it can also tell if your child will be obsessive or have other unique traits.


Shown on your free natal chart as a circle with two horns at the top and a cross underneath, Mercury is about expressing yourself through communication and enjoying travel and technology. This planet is also synonymous with intelligence.


Depicted as the female symbol (a circle with a cross underneath), Venus is about love and beauty. Venus depicts your love language and how your baby will receive and give affection. Your baby may attract people with their looks or their words.


Mars looks like the male symbol (circle with an arrow pointing diagonally), and it is more about physical traits. A mars sign on your birth chart may show that your baby will be aggressive, outgoing, and action-oriented.


It looks like the number four with a curved arm. Jupiter may mean that your child will be lucky in life. They may rely on good fortune, luck, and truth. Jupiter may also mean that your child will be successful in their eventual occupation.


Saturn looks like a curly “h” with a cross on top, and it may depict that your child will be more serious and intent on success. This planet represents rules, responsibilities, and challenges. Your baby may grow up fast and be a “13 going on 30” type.


The symbol for Uranus looks like three vertical lines with a ball at the bottom of the middle line. It can often mean that your child will be unique and original and march to the beat of their own drum. They will be a true individual.


Neptune looks like a trident, and it tells you that your child will be creative. They may be different from others, but in a good way, and they will likely be an artistic force as they grow up. This child may be a handful at first, but you will be proud of them.


The Pluto sign looks like a wine glass with a circle in the center, and if you see this on your free birth chart, then you may have a fun journey ahead of you. That is because your baby may be passionate, obsessive, intense, and a bit self-involved.

How Accurate is a Birth Chart?

Some people believe that birth charts and zodiac signs are a highly accurate way to predict someone's behavioral patterns, or even to foresee the future. There is no scientific evidence to support this. Astrological beliefs have been rejected by the scientific community for having no supporting evidence of their connection to the universe and the occurrence of certain events.

Regardless, many people still have a personal belief in astrology. Even if you acknowledge the lack of scientific data to support a birth chart, it can still be a fun way for you to think about the baby you're going to have! It's important, however, to recognize that all children are different, and that you shouldn't make important decisions for them based off of a birth chart.


There you have it. Your own birth (natal) chart can give you a little insight into how your newborn child may act and how they might grow. Keep in mind that this is not an exact science, but it is a fun little activity that can tell you what you may be in for in the years ahead as your child grows and thrives.

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