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February 14 Zodiac: What Your Child’s Birthday Means

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February 14 Zodiac: What Your Child’s Birthday Means

What is My Child’s Zodiac?

Children with a birthday on February 14th were born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, which ranges from January 20th to February 18th. The word “Aquarius” comes from the Latin word for “water carrier,” and there’s even a song about this sign (“The Age of Aquarius”) that depicted this sign as an era of greater wisdom and spirituality.

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Valentine's babies — that is, babies born on February 14 — are Aquarians.


Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac, preceded by Capricorn and followed by Pisces. The image of Aquarius in astrology is a young man or boy carrying water.

  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Element: Air
  • Date range: January 20th to February 18th
  • Ruling planets: Venus
  • Primary personality trait: Uniquely creative
  • Lucky colors: Bright blue, gray
  • Lucky stones: Black pearl, sapphire, and opal
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 7, 9
  • Deepest desire: To stand out amongst others
  • Sanskrit name: Kumbha

Personality Traits of a February 14th Baby?

Aquarius children born on February 14th are traditionally quite open-minded and confident. This sign is known for marching to the beat of their own drummer, and they never have an issue standing up for what they believe. Despite being quite confident, they also have an open mind about anything they encounter. They only form an opinion about any given topic after they’ve been able to look at all sides with an unbiased perspective.

Their open-mindedness is complemented by incredible creativity. When left to thrive on their own, they can easily come up with many ideas about what they could do with their day. This creativity is broadly seen within their social circle as they easily make lots of friends, keeping them intrigued with their unique and fun ideas. They like to maintain a diverse group of friends, so they are likely to have different cultures and backgrounds that play a role in their ideas.

The independent nature makes any February 14th baby interested in trying new things. Though they can be stubborn in their own way, they want to embrace the life around them and are open to flavors, activities, and even technologies that other children may shy away from. The best way to support this type of child is to praise their freedom and quirkiness, helping them to express themselves. Otherwise, they might become a major rebel against what anyone tells them to do in the future.

Since Aquarius children are frequently impulsive in their decisions, their interests can take surprising turns. Their love life, career and even the topics that they like to talk about can be quite eclectic. However, if you take the time and talk to them, you’ll find that the way that their brain works is quite intriguing. Giving this child room to grow in their confidence is the best step you can take toward a bright future.

Strengths and Weaknesses of a February 14th Baby

Babies born on February 14th have the natural ability to work with many different types of people, showcasing their confidence and creativity. They have a certain ability to get along with anyone around them, making them quite a diplomatic member of any team, but they need to be involved in projects and causes that they completely support.

As well-liked and confident as a February 14th baby can be, their determination can easily transition into stubbornness. These babies probably spend a lot of time focused on the way that they want to do something, which means that you’ll need to play their way to keep them happy. They also strive to be independent to a fault, which can make them seem slightly aloof as they don’t take the plans of others into consideration. Since they don’t outwardly express their emotions as well as their ideas and creativity, they can also seem detached and unpredictable. If they are not able to pursue their creative nature, Aquarius children are prone to depression and anxiety.

Famous People with a February 14th Birthday

Most people associate February 14th with Valentine’s Day, but the holiday is actually when a lot of famous celebrities and historical figures were born. Here are a few people who were born on February 14th:

  • Frederick Douglass, abolitionist (1817 to 1895)
  • Freddie Highmore, actor (1992 to present)
  • Simon Pegg, actor (1970 to present
  • Rob Thomas, singer and musician (1972 to present)
  • Florence Henderson, actress (1934 to 2016)
  • Jack Benny (1894 to 1974)
  • Teller (of Penn and Teller), magician (1948 to present)

Compatibility of a February 14th Birthday

When it comes to associating with other signs, Aquarians are quite romantic, which is why they gravitate towards other Air signs – like Libra and Gemini – that share this same mentality. They are attracted to individuals who speak their minds and are passionate about the same subjects, which is why they also connect well with Fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries).

Will My February 14th Baby Be Successful?

Every baby born on February 14th has the potential to be quite successful. Their unique creativity can bring ideas to personal and professional circles that can substantially change the course of those relationships. They have the potential for great success when they have the knowledge and skill to lead a team with an idea that they are passionate about. The best career that they will thrive in is one that lets them impact the world in a positive way, which is why many February 14th children seek out environmental sciences.

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