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January 20 Zodiac: What Your Child’s Birthday Means

January 20 Zodiac: What Your Child’s Birthday Means

What is My Child's Zodiac?

When your child has a birthday on January 20th, their zodiac sign is Aquarius. In fact, this is the first day of the Aquarius season (which ranges from January 20th to February 18th), so they are on a cusp. However, depending on the year, Aquarius season sometimes begins on January 19th or January 2nd. For this reason, some sources might consider this birthday to be under the Capricorn sign.

While some astrologers believe that the cusp has no influence on personality, others believe it is crucial to consider the preceding sign. In this case, that sign is Capricorn. With an understanding of both signs, you can clearly see the personality of your January 20th baby emerge.

  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Element: Air
  • Date range: January 20th to February 18th
  • Ruling planets: Saturn and Uranus
  • Primary personality trait: Sympathetic
  • Lucky color: Blue
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 3, and 9
  • Lucky days of the week: Saturday and Monday
  • Birthstone: Garnet

Personality Traits of a January 20 Baby

Infant brushing their baby teeth - Soothe a Teething Baby
Someone born on this day tends to be disciplined, dedicated to their goals, and responsible.


Whether influenced by Capricorn or Aquarius, someone born on January 20th tends to be stern and serious. These attributes come from Saturn, their ruling planet. Other zodiac signs differ greatly in their personalities. However, because these signs share the same planet, they have several similarities. Someone born on this day tends to be disciplined, dedicated to their goals, and responsible.
They also tend to be focused, but they look more towards the future. If their Capricorn influence is heavy, they might be more skeptical about trying out their new ideas. This person wants a good future, so they look for innovative ways to showcase their ideas, giving them motivation. With a good team surrounding them, there is no end to the potential of a January 20 baby.
While other signs might be more independent, Aquarius children like to create ideas that everyone helps them achieve. Their independence ends at the creation phase as they convince personal and professional relationships to get involved. They aren’t an unruly dictator in these situations. Instead, they look for ways that others will enjoy their creative ideas as much as possible. They communicate well with others, and they network better than any other sign.
A birthday on January 20th can indicate a rollercoaster of emotions. Being born on the cusp leaves them feeling apprehensive about choosing friends or partners out of fear that they’ll be hurt. That’s why this individual has to be encouraged to take care of themselves as much as they take care of others.

Strengths and Weaknesses of a January 20 Baby


One of the big reasons that the January 20th babies are so prone to success is because of their incredible persistence when it comes to goals. Like other Aquarius children, they have an incredible imagination, helping them to constantly create entertaining ideas. Since they are very persuasive and sympathetic, they know how to get multiple people on board with their ideas, giving loyalty in return.


As strong and tenacious as a January 20th baby can be, they also have their weaknesses. They can be moody, suspicious, and insecure. When they are cornered and need to find a way out of trouble, they can sometimes become manipulative as a way to avoid confrontation. If they are not in a good emotional place, they can also be pessimistic.

Compatibility of a January 20 Birthday

When it comes to someone born on this first day of the Aquarius sign, the best match for them is a Cancer. As the polar opposite zodiac sign, Cancers tend to look to Aquarius to help manage the chaotic world around them. These signs easily balance each other, making their relationship honest and clear.
Someone born on January 20th is also compatible with other air signs (Gemini and Libra), but there’s something about the fiery Sagittarius that brings the Aquarius comfort. They are the best of friends, allowing them to embark on adventures as the nomadic nature of both signs enjoy traveling together.

Will My January 20 Baby Be Successful?

Baby and teddy bear in diaper
January 20th people thrive in positions of establishing connections between other people (and bears).


Children who are born on January 20th could easily be successful, which is credited to their natural drive to think, learn, and travel. They will need to make their own progress in love and work by learning more about themselves. However, any child that manages this is bound to be incredibly successful in his endeavors.
Most people born on January 20th thrive in positions of establishing connections with other people, making them ideal mediators and negotiators. Their emotional state and the relationships they hold will have a great influence. Additionally, they will seek out personal growth to truly be as successful as possible.

Famous and Influential People with a January 20 Birthday

There are many people who have made a major place in history that were born on January 20th, including:

  • Evan Peters, actor (1987 to present)
  • Skeet Ulrich, actor (1970 to present)
  • David Lynch, filmmaker (1946 to present)
  • Bill Maher, comedian and writer
  • Rainn Wilson, comedian and actor (1966 to present)
  • Buzz Aldrin, former astronaut (1930 to present)
  • Paul Stanley, musician (1952 to present)
  • Blueface, rapper (1997 to present)
  • George Burns, actor and comedian (1896 to 1996)
  • Frances Shand Kydd, Mother of Diana, Princess of Wales (1936 to 2004)
  • Slim Whitman, singer-songwriter (1923 to 2013)
  • Julia Morgan, architect (1872 to 1957)
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