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January 7 Zodiac: What Your Child’s Birthday Means

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January 7 Zodiac: What Your Child’s Birthday Means

Are you wondering what your January 7th baby's zodiac sign is? Babies born on January 7th are Capricorns. This article will explore in greater depth the Capricorn sign, the strengths and weaknesses of a January 7th zodiac sign, and more!

What is My Child's Zodiac?

If your child was born on January 7th, their sign is a Capricorn. Capricorns are anyone born between December 22nd to January 19th. Also, their astrology sign, the horned goat, is the tenth astrological sign. 

Capricorns are logical and practical. They can also be seen as self-starters because they can motivate themselves. On the downside, Capricorns tend to be very stubborn and are often afraid of not being in control of their own lives. 

  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Element: Earth
  • Characteristic Flower: Carnation
  • Their Ruling Planet: Saturn
  • Strength: Initiative and Ambition
  • Lucky color: Brown
  • Lucky day of the week: Saturday

Personality Traits of a January 7th Baby

Those born on January 7th take initiative and are passionate about what they care about. This means they are willing to stick up for their passions and values. Additionally, this makes them a very loyal sign. People born on January 7th are typically there for those they love to the point of self-sacrificing. 

January 7th babies are also serious and hardworking. They are also well-grounded and think more realistically than with emotions. 

Furthermore, ambition is one of the telling signs of a Capricorn. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of the January 7th Zodiac Sign

Let's explore some of the strengths and weaknesses of a baby born on January 7th. 

Since a baby born on January 7th has the zodiac sign of a Capricorn, it is no surprise that they are often self-starters. Those born on January 7th tend to excel at whatever they put their hand to because of their ability to work hard. Yet, with their hard work comes stubbornness. Often, the desire to ask for help is not there. This is partly due to wanting to do things independently and partly to a self-sacrificing personality. 

Therefore, it is important to remind your January 7th baby that they can ask for help and allow others to contribute to their well-being. It may seem like January 7th babies are too serious. They may also struggle with expressing their emotions. Yet, they are very imaginative, ambitious, and excellent problem-solvers. 

January 7th babies are also very loyal to the people they love. This can lead them to put more effort into a relationship than the other party, yet their love and passion are positive traits. They can also see the potential in people when others may not. 

Portrait of baby girl in winter jacket and hat
Capricorns are self-starters who are ambitious. They also have the ability to self-motivate and tend to be quite successful!

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Famous People With a January 7th Birthday

There have been numerous famous people with January 7th birthdays. Here are several! 

  • Nicolas Cage, Actor (1964-present)
  • Lauren Cohan, Actress (1982-present) 
  • Rand Paul, United States Senator (1963-present) 
  • Gerald Durrell, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Founder (1925-1995) 
  • Millard Fillmore, 13th president of the United States (1800-1874)
  • Zora Neale Hurston, Anthropologist, Folklorist (1891-1960)
  • Camille Rowe, Model (1986-present)
  • Haley Bennett, Actress (1988-present) 
  • Ron Rivera, American Football Coach (1962-present) 
  • Christian Louboutin, Designer (1964-present) 
  • Princess Charlotte of Wales (1796-1817) 

Compatibility of a January 7th Birthday 

Relationships are important! You may wonder who your January 7th baby will be most compatible with. Capricorns tend to be more compatible with Virgo, Taurus, and other Capricorn signs. This is because they are all earth signs and understand each other the most. Capricorns also get along well with Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpios, who are water signs. 

Since Capricorns thrive on predictability and stability, they get along the least with fire and air signs. These include Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. Though Capricorns are very passionate and put everything they can into their relationships, they may struggle with these signs because of their fly-by-the-pants nature and inconsistency. 

Will My January 7th Baby Be Successful?

Capricorns are hardworking and ambitious, and it is common for this sign to be an entrepreneur. They desire to go their own paths and work hard at everything they put their hands on. So yes, the likelihood of your baby being successful is very high. This is because their personality traits lead them to drive themselves to work harder until they succeed. 

Their workaholic personality and stubbornness may lead to burnout, though. It's important to remind them to take time for self-care and pay attention to signs of burnout with your child! 

Those born on January 7th tend to be leaders and enjoy making those around them smile. They also tend to be very creative. Their creativity, combined with their hardworking nature, will take them far! 

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