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Signs of the Zodiac: What Your Child’s Birthday Means

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Signs of the Zodiac: What Your Child’s Birthday Means

What are the signs of the zodiac and what does that mean for your child? The term zodiac is used in astrology to refer to the part of the sky that the sun, moon, and planets move over. Each zodiac sign is assigned to specific constellations in the sky. This means that a person's zodiac sign is determined by where the sun was in the sky when they were born. Let's take a look at all 12 of the zodiac signs, what each one means, and learn some astrology basics about what these zodiac signs mean for your child's personality.

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Astrology originated in Babylon and dates back to 4,000 BC.



Capricorn season is December 22nd through January 19th. The Capricorn zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn. According to astrology, Saturn is an authority figure and acts like a boss meaning Capricorns are leaders and they make sure things get done. Their sign represents structure, ambition, and obligation. Capricorns are the friends that help you make sure you're life is running smoothly. They are dominating and powerful forces in the world.

Symbol and Sign

The Capricorn symbol is the sea goat which is a mythical creature, half-goat and half-fish. This means that this sign is an earth sign but has some water sign traits. That reflects in personalities and makes a person intuitive, reflective, and devoted. They are always someone you can count on, a ride-or-die.


Capricorns are known for being hard workers. They are persistent and overachievers all while making it look effortless. They put a lot of time not only into their careers but also into their personal relationships. Capricorns also have a sensitive side that makes sure to foster friendships. They have a positive “yes you can” attitude and they demand only the best. Many Capricorns go on to be business owners and CEO's.

Capricorn Sun and Moon

In astrology, the sun represents one's drive and sense of self. The moon represents one's inner emotional compass. A Capricorn sun represents someone who has a clear sense of direction, is level-headed, and takes life seriously. A Capricorn moon represents someone who is very practical about their emotions. They seem tough on the outside but are still intuitive emotionally. They're resilient but can also seem hard-headed at times.


Aquarius season is January 20th through February 18th. It has two planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, which have some contradicting traits. They can be very rigid and structured, but at the same time, they have the urge to rebel. They can be afraid of personal change but help others change and grow. Aquarians are known not to play by any rules and march to the beat of their own drum.

Symbol and Sign

The Aquarius symbol is a water-bearer. Contradictory to that, they are an air sign. This means they are curious and adventurous, they love the freedom to do whatever they want. Unlike a water sign which is usually more emotional or sentimental, air signs tend to be more intellectual.


Aquarians are known to think outside of the box. They like to make decisions once they have a full understanding of a situation to make sure their decision is right and fair. Because they lean intellectually, some might see them to be emotionally distant. The reality is they aren't distant, they're just analytical when it comes to their emotions. They are great friends, always ready for a good time, and in touch with the social world around them. Aquarius signs often go on to be in tech, art, or even social work.

Aquarius Sun and Moon

The Aquarius Sun is a giver. They love helping others, putting other people's needs before their own. This enriches their life as it helps them find purpose. Aquarius Moon is emotionally withdrawn. They make great friends but are not always great with intimate relationships.


Pisces season is February 19th through March 20th. It is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is a sign of growth and expansion. It is also ruled by Neptune due to a mythological story behind this sign. Pisces are deeply sentimental and like to experience life to the fullest.

Symbol and Sign

The Pisces symbol is a fish, thought to be two fish tied together and swimming in opposite directions. Pisces is a water sign. Water signs are known to be empaths and they wear their heart on their sleeve. They are compassionate, loyal, and great friends to have when you need someone to lean on.


Pisceans feel things like no other. Rather than thinking logically and analytically, they trust their gut. This sometimes can lead to negative impulsive decisions. But if it feels right to them, they'll run with it. And it feels wrong, they'll run away from it as fast as they can. Because of this, they are not very good at confrontation. They are easily flustered and just prefer to focus on the positive. Pisceans are known to become artists, actors, and healthcare workers.

Pisces Sun and Moon

The Pisces Sun is charming, fun, and magnetic. They can also be seen as whimsical. Pisces Moon is loving, intuitive, and sentimental. They are usually highly in tune with the needs of others, sometimes they know what's on your mind before you even say it. They offer unconditional love and feel deeply.

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Although original astrology had the 12 signs, the Greeks added the elements to the zodiac wheel.



Aries season is from March 21st through April 19th. Its ruling planet is Mars which symbolizes drive, energy, and desire. Aries are full of excitement and have lots of happiness to share. This energy not only motivates them to get what they want but also means they're continuously looking to improve themselves. They're courageous, generous, and also competitive.

Symbol and Sign

The Aries symbol is the ram. This symbol signifies boldness and strength. In Greek mythology, Aries was known as the God of War. Aries is also a fire sign which means they can be bold, daring, passionate, and creative. With a palpable energy and charm, they are loved by many.


Aries put all their energy into what they do, whether it be a project, a job, a routine, or a relationship. Their energy is utilized to get things done. Sometimes, it can lead them into things with blind optimism, but this can complement their impulsivity. They are always seeking new experiences and competition. Often, you can see Aries becoming sports players, entrepreneurs, or project managers.

Aries Sun and Moon

The Aries Sun represents a spark of energy that instigates new life. This means they are motivated to start and ready to act. It creates their drive to build a future. Aries Moon represents a bold and sometimes hot-tempered personality. They thrive on being spontaneous and live for adventure all while making sure to live in the moment.


The Taurus season is April 20th through May 20th. It's ruled by the planet Venus, which makes them very loving and affectionate individuals. Venus is also the Goddess of Beauty. Taureans are known to be full of grace and charm. They are partner-oriented and often see the world through their connections. Their devotion to their relationships is what makes them popular. They are also known to be artistic and sensual.

Symbol and Sign

The Taurus symbol is the bull. This symbol represents love, war, and strength. Taurus is also an earth sign, it is well-grounded and unwavering. Your Taurean friends will always keep it real and help you stay on Earth rather than keeping your head in the clouds.


Taureans are often people you'll find to have work husbands or wives. They love not only in a romantic setting but with their friends and family. Although they are affectionate, when committing to a long-term relationship, they first need to make sure they feel totally safe. Once they seal the deal, they'll be in that relationship for life, as long as they don't end up feeling taken for granted. You'll often see these people become artists, chefs, fashion designers, or architects.

Taurus Sun and Moon

The Taurus Sun represents tenacity, reliability, loyalty, and sensitivity. This sensitivity can cause Taureens to not get over people who hurt them. The Taurus moon represents patience and comfortability. They want to feel safe in the love that they give and the love that they receive.


The Gemini season is from May 21st through June 20th. The ruling planet is Mercury and gives Gemini's a strong desire to gain knowledge and explore. It rules mentality and intelligence. Geminis often get a bad reputation because they are known to be two-faced and share gossip. But, they are usually misunderstood and don't always deserve these labels. They are great analyzers, care deeply for long-lasting relationships, and put others before themselves.

Symbol and Sign

The symbol of Gemini is the twins, or the Roman numeral two. This symbol represents harmony, joy, duality, and perfect balance. In mythology, twins are looked at as two halves of the same whole. Gemini is also an air sign, meaning that Geminis are adventurous, communicative, and intellectual.


Geminis are thinkers and love to connect with others through research and understanding. They can connect with strangers about a common interest and have an in-depth conversation about that topic. They can sometimes be seen as two-faced, this comes from the mythology of twins where they were forced to spend half of the year residing in the heavens and the other half in the underworld. But, they also have some great characteristics. They value their relationships, have lots of energy, and are quick-witted and fun. You often see these people become journalists, lawyers, analysts, or software developers.

Gemini Sun and Moon

The Gemini Sun represents friendliness, charm, and adaptability. The Gemini moon can represent moodiness and irritability, especially at home. They can seem distant, but this is usually because they like to process their emotions internally rather than express them.

Milky way galaxy with stars and space dust in the universe
The Egyptians were the first people to identify stars and constellations.



Cancer season begins June 21st and ends July 22nd. Its ruling planet is the moon which represents intuition and the unconscious mind. Cancers are known for being sentimental, compassionate, and nurturing. They are also very self-protective, so although they can feel emotions deeply, they do not wear their heart on their sleeve.

Symbol and Sign

The Cancer symbol is the crab. This can represent possessiveness and stubbornness. Cancers can be protective of their relationships but also sometimes hard to reach emotionally. Once you get close to them, they will be your lifelong friends. Cancers have the water sign meaning they are loyal and compassionate.


Although they can be emotional, Cancers often hide this part of themselves away, just like the crab has an outer shell for protection. They have a need for a sense of safety which is why they are reluctant to express their feelings outwardly. They do open up in loving and safe relationships. And although nurturing and maternal, they set boundaries so they are not always available. Prioritizing rest is very important for Cancers. You can find Cancers in careers like social work and counseling.

Cancer Sun and Moon

The Cancer sun represents compassion, security, and also humor. The Cancer Moon represents sensitivity, which can sometimes come off as a childlike emotional state. They are also intuitive to other people's emotions and can be influenced by the moods around them.


Leo season is July 23 through August 22nd. Its ruling planet is the Sun which symbolizes will and a sense of vitality. Leo's are known for being gentle, generous, and loyal. They are also bold, natural leaders, and love being the center of attention. They never settle for less than they deserve.

Symbol and Sign

The Leo symbol is the lion. This symbolizes strength, nobility, courage, and valor. Leo also has the fire sign. Fire signs are creative, playful, passionate, and unafraid. They are loyal but can also be destructive if you happen to get on their bad side.


Leo's are most commonly known for being fearless, passionate, and confident. They're not afraid to stand up for what they believe in or call someone out for something they did. Although these can be positive qualities, they can sometimes manifest negatively. On a bad day, Leo's can seem needy as they demand a lot of attention. They also stay to fight in an argument, even if they shouldn't. You might see Leos become teachers, politicians, or lawyers.

Leo Sun and Moon

The Leo Sun represents ambition and loyalty. The Leo moon makes them generous and warm people. They feel their emotions passionately, whether they are positive emotions or negative emotions and they express them intensely.


Virgo season is from August 23rd to September 22nd. The Virgo ruling planet is Mercury which represents intelligence, curiosity, and adaptability. Virgos are known for being calm, cool, and collected. They have relaxed demeanors and take a calm approach to life.

Symbol and Sign

The Virgo symbol is the maiden. The maiden symbolizes introspection, modesty, and servitude. Virgos also have the earth sign which means they are practical, grounded, and stable. They are also known to be loyal and patient.


Besides being known as having a relaxed personality, Virgos are great analyzers, they pay attention to even the smallest details. Sometimes, because of how much they pay attention, they can seem overly critical. But, they are typically very kindhearted, honest, and compassionate, especially with the people they love and care for. Careers that mesh well with Virgo's characteristics include statisticians, accountants, and police officers.

Virgo Sun and Moon

The Virgo sun represents perfectionism and straightforwardness. The Virgo moon can make their emotions complicated. Because they pay attention to so many things, their mind never stops and it can require the need for a lot of soothing to quiet their thoughts.

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Galileo Galilei and Johannes Keppler, famous astronomers, were also astrologists.

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Libra season is from September 23rd to October 22nd. Its ruling planet is Venus which makes Libras loving and affectionate. They are cheerful people, have love to give, and remain calm during chaos. Libras always seem to be in relationships because they highly value companionship.

Symbol and Sign

The Libra symbol is the scales. The scales symbol represents a desire to have balance and harmony. Libras love harmony and strive to make sure their life is in equilibrium. Libra is also an air sign meaning they are adventurous and social.


Libras are very ambitious and love challenges. No matter the obstacle, they're working towards a goal and they will reach it. They are great leaders and have the ability to take charge. They are kind-hearted and compassionate, and value unity. If someone is in need, they'll do their best to try and help. But, they can do this sometimes out of a need for praise, so it's not always a selfless action. Libras thrive in careers like event planning, management, and graphic design.

Libra Sun and Moon

The Libra Sun represents fair-mindedness and peace. In social situations, they like to make sure conversations are fair and balanced. The Libra Moon likes balance even in emotion. Emotional harmony is something a Libra will always work toward.


Scorpio season starts October 23rd and ends November 21st. Its ruling planets are Mars and Pluto meaning Scorpios have drive, energy, desire, strength, courage, and passion. The stereotype for Scorpios is that they're secretive and mysterious individuals because they don't show emotions or overly share about their lives.

Symbol and Sign

The Scorpio symbol is the scorpion. This symbol represents intuition, protection, and transformation. They can wait patiently while waiting to strike. Scorpios are also water signs, they can be emotional and empathetic.


Scorpios are known to be stubborn. They make decisions based on intuition and can't be swayed easily even when faced with the facts. When it comes to relationships, they can fall hard whether it's a platonic or a romantic relationship. But don't get on their bad side, you might experience their stinger. They are usually positive unless provoked otherwise, but they are also quick to forgive under the right circumstances. Good Scorpio careers include psychologists, chemics, physicians, and analysts.

Scorpio Sun and Moon

The Scorpio Sun represents devotion, passion, and loyalty. Their personalities are intense and they can feel deeply. With that being said, the Scorpio Moon can make them wildly emotional. They combine their emotion and desire and can be very open with how they feel.


Sagittarius season is from November 22nd to December 21st. Its ruling planet is Jupiter. Jupiter represents growth, expansion, and generosity. Sagittarians are known to be resilient, independent, and sometimes impulsive. They crave change whether it's moving into a new home, changing their career, or even experiencing life through travel.

Symbol and Sign

The Sagittarius symbol is the archer and it represents exploration. The Archer explores new terrain with its bow and arrow, aiming high and seeking new answers. Sagittarius is also a fire meaning they are usually bold, daring, creative, and passionate.


Sagittarians pride themselves on being authentic. They are very passionate and will protect their loved ones at all costs like the archer would defend the world. They are full of knowledge and wisdom and love expanding their mindset. Although great in relationships, it's important that they are still their own person outside of that relationship.

Sagittarius Sun and Moon

The Sagittarius sun represents trustworthiness. These people are straightforward and honest, building trust with many. The Sagittarius moon can keep them positive during negative situations but sometimes can be quick to anger.

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