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The 10 Best Food Items at Target Today

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The 10 Best Food Items at Target Today

You don't need to spend a pretty penny to shop for healthier food options. Luckily, you can find such options at your regular grocery spot, including Target, which has its own private-label food brand called Good and Gather. The brand boasts a wide variety of products, ranging from fresh produce to pantry staples and snacks. What sets Good and Gather apart from other private-label brands is its commitment to using only high-quality ingredients and its dedication to creating food that is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives

Frequent shoppers at Target appreciate the quality of the brand, which is comparable to recognized national brands but significantly more affordable. With over 2,000 offerings from Good and Gather, you might wonder which items are the best value.

We will reveal our favorite Good and Gather food items. From their tasty organic granola to their mouth-watering frozen pizzas, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. And since these items are cheaper than other brands, you can get something for everyone on your next Target run.

Organic Applesauce Pouches – Apple & Apple Berry – 12ct, $8.69

Apple sauce in rustic brown dish on dark wood. Sliced apples.

This applesauce is four dollars cheaper than its comparable brand, GoGo squeeZ Applesauce, and some reviewers prefer the Good and Gather brand. They say it is thicker with a better texture. Moreover, reviewers also think it tastes better.

Organic Whole Grain Strawberry Fruit & Grain Bars – 6ct, $3.29

Whole Grain Multifruit Breakfast Bar on a White Background

These fruit bars, made with organic whole-grain, are highly rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars. They are perfect snacks for the entire family and are priced affordably. Many reviewers believe they taste better than other brands.

Breakfast Blend Light Roast Ground Coffee – 12oz, $6.99

Coffee cup and capsules on a rustic wooden table

Good and Gather is a brand that provides a wide range of coffees at amazing prices. Their breakfast blend is a perfect choice for a regular coffee drinker. However, if you are an adventurous coffee lover, they have got you covered with their flavored coffees. You can try unusual flavors like their Lavender Vanilla Light Roast, Orange Cream Light Roast, and Double Chocolate Light Roast to experience different flavors.

Naturally Flavored Cinnamon Bun Granola Bites – 7.2oz, $3.99

Healthy organic energy granola bites with nuts, cacao, banana and honey - vegan vegetarian raw snack or meal

These naturally flavored granola bites are gluten-free and perfect for a quick, on-the-go snack. They have a consistency similar to oatmeal cookie cubes rather than regular granola bites.

Classic Hummus – 10oz, $3.49

Freshmade oriental classic hummus served in bowl on the table. Closeup

The Good & Gather Classic Hummus has a perfectly balanced flavor with a hint of lemon and garlic. It is as creamy and smooth as more expensive hummus brands. Currently, this hummus has 1019 reviewer ratings on the Target website, with a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Ravioli – 9oz, $4.99

BAKED RAVIOLI, Ravioli, Pasta, Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Ricotta

This pasta is an excellent option for a quick and easy meal. It comes in a pack of twelve pieces, which makes it perfect for small families or those who prefer to cook in small portions. Not only does it take only five minutes to prepare, but it is also packed with flavor that is on par with any other pasta brand available in the market. Moreover, this pasta is a convenient and practical dinner option for busy weeknights.

Three Cheese Pasta Sauce – 24oz -, $1.69

Basic Italian tomato sauce marinara for pasta. In a saucepot pan with ingredients on a wooden table. Top view copy space

You will need pasta sauce for your delicious pasta, and you cannot beat the taste or the price of this Good and Gather pasta sauce. This sauce has received an incredible 4.6 rating out of five, based on 799 reviews on the Target website, indicating that it is a shoppers' favorite. Did we mention it costs less than two dollars?

Thin Crust Roasted Vegetable Frozen Pizza – 15.15oz, $6.79

Side view on vegetable pizza with pepper and tomatoes

For a quick and easy dinner, try this roasted vegetable pizza with a thin crust. It's cheaper than the comparable DiGiorno Loaded Ultra Thin Veggie Frozen Pizza, and reviewers love the generous veggies and crispy crust.

Uncured Calabrese Salami Prosciutto Capocollo Tray – 6oz, $6.49

Appetizers table with differents antipasti, charcuterie, snacks and wine. Sausage, ham, tapas, olives, cheese and crackers for buffet party. Top view, flat lay

Whether you are putting together a charcuterie board, making sandwiches, or just looking for a quick snack, this sampler includes three different meats at an unbeatable price. Online reviewers agree, giving it a 4.6 out of 5 rating.

Double Crème Brie Cheese Wheel – 8oz, $4.79

French soft brie cheese round wheel in paper package, dairy double cream product on kitchen table macro closeup with cut slice

This cheese is affordable, but its quality is exceptional. Once served, no one would ever know its price tag. It makes a great snack when paired with figs and olives on crackers or can be used as the focal point of a charcuterie board. You can also bake it in the oven for a delicious appetizer—we recommend adding apricot jam to oven-baked brie.

Final Thoughts

Target has a private-label food brand called Good and Gather, which offers a huge variety of products ranging from fresh produce to pantry staples and snacks. With over 2,000 Good and Gather products available, you can definitely find affordable items without sacrificing food quality or taste. On your next trip to Target, be sure to check out some of our recommended items.

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