This list of boy names that man sunset is filled with a wide variety of handsome options. Explore the list, complete with meanings and origins for each name, to determine which name works best for your little one.

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  • Suyasta Suyasta means “sunset” in Nepali. It is a unique name for boys that you will not hear often in the U.S.
  • Arrats The name Arrats is a name for boys that means “early evening, dusk.” It has a Basque origin.
  • Lalil The boy's name Lalil means “evening sun flow.” The name has Indian origin.
  • Tynan This unusual name for boys means “night.” The name has two syllables and is of Irish origin.
  • Yoi A name of Hebrew origin, Yoi means “born in the evening.” This name is most commonly used to name girls but is sometimes a name given to boys.
  • Erebos – A name of Hebrew origin, Erebos means “sunset, evening.”
  • Levant This name for boys is popular in Turkey. The name means “a splendid sunset or rising sun.”
  • Anatoli Anatoli is a boy's name that sounds modern and fun. It means “sunset” and has Russian origin.
  • Vikal Meaning “twilight, evening, close of the day,” Vikal has Hindu origin. It's a great alternative to the very popular boy's name, Michael.
  • Gau The name Gau for boys means “night.” It has a Basque origin.
  • Riluo Choose this name for a boy's name that is original and fun to say. This is the Chinese word for “sunset.”
  • Aferdeta Aferdeta is a name of African origin. This name means “sunset.”
  • Horus A traditional, old-fashioned name for boys, Horus means “sun god” and was the name of an Egyptian sun god.
  • Sulien This unique name for boys means “sun born.” It has Welsh origin.
  • Eledoro This Spanish name for boys means “Gloomy sunset.” Boys named Eledoro are said to be creative and inspirational.
  • Vesper The name Vesper is a mature, old-fashioned name for boys that means “born in the evening.”
  • Lucrecio This name for boys is creative and fun. You don't hear this name often in the U.S. Lucrecio means “twilight.”
  • Zakat Zakat is the Russian word for sunset. It is a good name choice for parents seeking a unique name.
  • Dosa An Indian name for boys, Dosa has two syllables. The name means “twilight.” Pick this name if you want something that is easy to spell and pronounce that is also original.
  • Hesper The name Hesper is used most commonly as a girl's name but can also be used to name a boy. The name means “evening.” It is a mature two-syllable name.
  • Sindooehi This name for girls has Indian origin. It means “aura of sunset.”
  • Yureni An Indian name meaning “sunset” for boys, Yureni is a fun, unusual name for a new bundle of joy.
  • Nichibotsu The name Nichibotsu is unheard of in the U.S. It is the Japanese word for “sunset” and a great name option for a little boy.
  • Solnedgang An unusual name for boys, Solnedgang means “sunset” in Norwegian. Choose this name if you want a name that is fun and unique.
  • Sunsubiro This name for boys is enlightening and fun. It means “sunset” in Esperanto.

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