Augustine is a name with a Roman and regal feel. The name sounds masculine, but it is also, ultimately, the French's feminine form of Augustus. In America, it is a top 800 name option.

Meaning of the name Augustine:

Latin: great
English: great, magnificent

Origin of the name Augustine:

Augustine likely originated from the Latin and Roman name Augustinus, coming from the ancient name Augustus. The first man in recorded history with the name, according to Latin tradition, was Saint Augustine of Hippo during the fifth century. Others state, however, that Augustine is inherently feminine as the French form of Augustinus from Latin culture.

Symbolism of the name Augustine:

Whether the name Augustine originated in France or Latin is the question. What is not the question, however, is that it comes from the name Augustinus. That is why Augustine has the same meaning as both Augustinus and Augustus.

Style of the name Augustine:


Gender of the name Augustine:

Augustine is a name used for either gender though it sounds more masculine.

Pronunciation of the name Augustine:

AW-guh-steen or aw-GUS-tin

Number of syllables in the name Augustine:


Emotion evoked from the name Augustine:

Augustine is a very mature and formal name. It is serious and upper class.

Alternative spellings for the name Augustine:

  • Augustynne
  • Augustinne
  • Awgustine

Nicknames for the name Augustine:

Popularity of the name Augustine:

Augustine was on the top 500 list in America in 1906 at rank 474, 1913 at rank 498, 1921 at rank 497, from 1926 to 1929, and in 1932 at rank 500. The name has not been as popular since. In 2020, for instance, it was rank 711 on the Social Security Popularity Index.

Related names for the name Augustine:

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Famous people with the name Augustine:

Augustines in popular culture:

  • Augustine Sycamore (character from “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y”)
  • Augustine Little (character from “Temeraire”)