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Beth began as a diminutive of Elizabeth in England. Though once a top 100 name in America, it is no longer a top 1,000 name. Elizabeth, the fuller version, however, remains a top 20 name even in 2020 at rank 16.

Meaning of the Name Beth

Beth originated as a nickname for Elizabeth in Old England. Elizabeth came from the Hebrew name Elisheva that directly translated to “God is my oath.” Some state, however, that Beth is short for the name Bethany.

Beth means “pledged to God” and “God is my oath” because of the name Elizabeth since Beth is a shortened form. Elizabeth comes from the Hebrew words “el” and “shava.” “El” means God, while “shava” means “oath.”

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Nicknames for Beth

Beth is a natural and kind-hearted baby name. It has the right amount of simplicity and informality but has plenty of options for a fun nickname. Below, we've compiled a list options to help you get started:

  • Bee
  • Bet
  • Bethie
  • Bethi
  • Bethey
  • Bethy
  • Bettie
  • Betty 

Beth Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Beth is traditionally considered a girls name.

Pronunciation: BETH

Syllables: One

Alternative Spelling for Beth

  • Bethh
  • Bethe

Beth Name Popularity

Beth remained a top 1,000 baby name in America until 1997 at rank 857. The name was a top 100 option from 1958 to 1971 and again in 1977, so it declined quickly. The highest Beth ever ranked was in 1964 and 1966 at rank 65.

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Great Middle Names for Beth and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Beth

  • Beth Behrs (actress, “2 Broke Girls”)
  • Beth Riesgraf (actress, “Leverage”)
  • Beth Herr (tennis player)
  • Beth McCarthy (singer)
  • Beth McCord (author, “Becoming Us”)
  • Beth Stolarczyk (reality TV star, “The Real World”)
  • Beth Williams (model)
  • Beth Latimer (character from “Broadchurch”)
  • Beth Corcoran (character from “Glee”)
  • Beth (character from “Sally”)
  • Beth March (character from “Little Women”)
  • Beth Greene (character from “The Walking Dead”)
  • Beth Kingston (character from “Chasing Life”)
  • Beth Smith (character from “Rick and Morty”)
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