This list of Welsh baby names is filled with some beautiful names for both boys and girls. Some offer a nod to the rich and lengthy history of Wales, while others are more modern and playful. Explore the list along with their meanings and find the ideal moniker for your child.

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  • Mab Mab is a cute Welsh baby name that means, literally, “baby.” You can make it more masculine or feminine with variations like Mabi, Mabon or Mabyn.
  • Taran Taran is a Welsh baby name that's popular all across Scandinavia. It means “thunder.”
  • Sian Sian is a gender-neutral Welsh baby name. It looks feminine but has the masculine pronunciation “Shawn,” so it offers the best of both worlds in terms of unisex names.
  • Adain Adain is a beautiful Welsh baby name that means “winged.” Give it to a son or daughter to watch them soar.
  • Bryn Bryn is a Welsh baby name that draws on geography for its meaning: “hill.” You can use it for either girls or boys, especially when you change its spelling to Brynne, Brin, Bryn or Brinna.
  • MaddoxMaddox is a Welsh baby name that's traveled across the pond to other countries as well. More traditional spellings include Madoc, Maidoc, Madog and Madox.
  • Hywel Hywel is a unisex Welsh baby name that means “eminent.” It's used for both girls and boys, but you can also spell it Hywela for a more feminine touch.
  • Taliesin Taliesin is a Welsh baby name. Though modern parents usually consider it feminine, its oldest usage was a male historian in 6th century AD.
  • Celyn Celyn is a Welsh baby name that refers to the holly bush. Typically masculine, its meaning gives it a feminine feeling as well, so you'll be fine using it for both boys and girls.
  • MorganMorgan is a unisex Welsh baby name. Though its exact origins are unknown, its most famous holder was probably Morgan le Fay of the old Arthurian legends. You can also spell it Morgen, Morgana, Morgain and Morgane.
  • Seren Seren is a Welsh baby name that means “star.” It'll be perfect for the little one who shines brightly in the sky of your life.
  • Filomen Filomen is a unique Welsh baby name for both genders. It can also be spelled Philomen or Philomena.
  • EvanEvan is a Welsh boy name that most likely stems from the Hebrew name Yəhôḥānān, which means “God is gracious.” As with its English counterpart, it can be used for either gender.
  • Celi Celi is a great Welsh baby name. From the root of the old Welsh word “to love,” it's pronounced like Kerry, so it's nice and gender neutral while also being sweet, sentimental and meaningful.
  • Afon Afon is a Welsh baby name that also doubles as the name of a river in southern Wales. Its rushing waters are entirely gender neutral.
  • Corsen Corsen is a gender-neutral Welsh baby name that dates back centuries. Though its meaning of “reed” isn't the most poetic, it has an honest, respectable feeling that has been bestowed on countless babies in Wales.
  • WynnWynn is a Welsh baby name that means “fair.” Though traditionally used for girls, it's seen crossover appeal in recent years as a boy's name, too.
  • Bethan Bethan is a fun Welsh baby name. Originally considered a form of Elizabeth, it's become a more unisex name over the years.
  • Crisiant Crisiant is a sparkling Welsh baby name. It means “like a crystal” and is used with boys and girls alike.
  • Lleucu Lleucu is a historic Welsh baby name, and its origins have been lost to time. However, the name is similar enough to Lou, Louise and Lucas to make it a cool and culturally rich name for someone with Welsh heritage.
  • Atawn Atawn is a Welsh baby name that means “harmony.” Though it looks feminine, it's actually more popular with boys, though girls are given the name as well.
  • Ffionn Ffionn is a Welsh baby name that refers to the foxglove flower that blooms in Wales. It's suitable for both genders.
  • Rhonwen Rhonwen is a Welsh baby name that was popularized by the 12th century chronicles of Geoffrey of Monmouth. It's a more gender neutral form of Rowena.
  • Aeron Aeron is a Welsh baby name that sounds similar to Aaron or Erin, but it actually has a fascinating Celtic history. It's the name of several rivers and towns in Wales, and it might be related to ancient mythology, too.
  • Enfys Enfys is a Welsh baby name that means “rainbow.” It'll be perfect for a bright and happy child.

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