Whether you're looking for a hearty name like Boris or something more gentle like Jonas, this list of boy names that mean snow is filled with a variety of masculine options. Explore the list and the meanings and find the perfect name for your son!

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  • Frost Frost is an old English name. Frost is also what you find on your windows and other objects on cold winter mornings.
  • NicholasNicholas may be a bit on the nose for winter babies because of Jolly Old St. Nick, but it is a name usually associated with snow because of it. The most common nickname for Nicholas is Nick.
  • ZaneZane is an American origin name. It means as white as snow. It's a hipper than Lane and lends itself well to winter babies.
  • JackJack is a popular snow-inspired name because of Jack Frost. Jack can also be a nickname or great as a middle name.
  • Whittaker Whittaker is most popular as a surname, but lends itself well to a first name too. It means from the “white field,” a field covered in snow. It is an English origin name.
  • Thunder Thunder is uncommon in wintry months, but when it happens, everyone takes notice. Thunder is a masculine name that will surely allow everyone to take notice of your little guy.
  • Boris Boris is a Russian boys' name. It means snow leopard. A good nickname for Boris is Bo.
  • Vale Vale is a hip name that brings up images of snow. It is the name of a tourist attraction that thousands of people travel to to enjoy the snow.
  • JonasJonas is the name of a popular boy band, and it also is the term given to winter doves. Doves in wintertime are a sign of peace and a beautiful sight when they appear while it is snowing.
  • Hale Hale is a play on names that can be associated with snow. Hail is precipitation that is hard and round. It happens during winter storms. Hail sounds just like Hale, which makes it an ironic snow-inspired boys' name.
  • Andri Andri has Old Norse origins. It is translated to mean “snowshoe.” Snowshoes are a requirement in some of the snowiest parts of the country.
  • Janara Janara is a Roman name that means “God of Snow.” The female version of Janara is Janus. For both boys and girls, Jan can be used as a nickname.
  • Flurry Flurry is an Irish name that means “king of princes.” Flurry is also a term that refers to snowfall, which makes it a great snow-inspired name.
  • Nas Nas is a Native American word that means snow. It lends itself well as a snow-inspired name for little boys. The name is shared with hip hop artist Naz and Little Nas X.
  • Frediano Frediano is an Italian boys' name that means “cold.” Great nicknames for Frediano include Fred and Dino.
  • Yuki Yuki is a Japanese word that means “snow.” It is a great first or middle name choice for parents wanting to honor their Japanese heritage and their love of the winter season.

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