Few things are as beautiful as a clear, star-filled night sky. If you're looking for a name for your child that instills the same dreamy and aspirational qualities as night-time, check out this list of baby names that mean night. From Shadow to Nova and beyond, there are some beautiful options. Take a look!

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  • IndigoIndigo is a dark, inky blue, the same color of the sky at night. Indigo can be used as a girl or boy name. Nicknames associated with Indigo are Indi.
  • Nox Nox is a trendy, unisex name. It is an American origin name. The female version of Nox is Nyx.
  • Lynx Lynx is the name of a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. It is an easily identifiable star. According to mythology, this star is known to be the “keepers of the secrets of the forests.” It's one-syllable, which makes it cool and trendy.
  • Lark Lark is a unisex name referring to the bird that only sings at nighttime. The name has American origins. Alternate spellings of this name are Larc.
  • NovaNova was traditionally used a a girls' name, but has surged in unisex appeal over the years. A nova is a star that suddenly gets bright and then begins to fade away.
  • Moon Moon can be used as a boy or girls' name. The moon is only visible at night. Moon as a first name was made popular by rockstar Frank Zappa who named his daughter, Moon. Moon is also popular as a middle name.
  • Vesper Vesper is the perfect Italian name for boy and girl babies. The name means “evening.” It is a great unisex baby name for girls or boys that are born during the evening hours.
  • Yo Yo is the perfect name for parents wanting to give their child a first or middle name that means night. It is a Finnish origin name.
  • Onyx Onyx is a black gemstone that shines brightly much like stars shine brightly at night. It is the perfect name choice for both boys and girls.
  • Shadow Shadow is an original name popular with parents that like nature-inspired names for boys and girls. Shadows are seen during daytime and nighttime hours, but are more mysterious at night.
  • Star Stars are associated with nighttime as that is the only time stars can be seen in the sky. Star is a great name for boy and girl babies. With such a unique name, the little one will sure to be the only one in their classroom.

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