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Malaya is a baby girl’s name that means “free, independent”. Malaya is a Filipino name that has recently become popular in the US. Malaya is a free spirited name for a lively, energetic child.

Meaning of the name Malaya:

Filipino: free, independent

Origin of the name Malaya:

Malaya is a baby girl’s name of Filipino origin. Malaya means “free, independent” in Tagalog.

Symbolism of the name Malaya:

Malaya means “freedom”. There are many symbols for freedom. The strelitzia flower is a spiky yellow flower that means freedom in the language of flowers. Several animals such as horses, butterflies, and cats also symbolize freedom and independence.

Style of the name Malaya:


Gender of the name Malaya:

Malaya is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Malaya:


Number of syllables in the name Malaya:


Emotion evoked from the name Malaya:

Malaya evokes feelings of independence and passion.

Alternative spellings for the name Malaya:

Mulaya, Melaya, Maliyah

Nicknames for the name Malaya:

Popularity of the name Malaya:

According to the Social Security Administration, Malaya is a recently popular baby girl’s name. Malaya first appeared in the top 1000 baby names in 2006. Malaya peaked at #633 in 2013.

Related names for the name Malaya:

Great middle names for the name Malaya and their meanings:

  • Freya (noble woman)
  • Ada (fairy, noble)
  • Eileen (torch)
  • Scheherazade (world freer)
  • Lydia (woman from Lydia)
  • Darragh (oak tree)
  • Jia (beautiful home)
  • Kaylani (beautiful, lovely, auspicious)
  • Everly (woodland boar clearing)
  • Kiara (black, heart)
  • Katina (pure, torture, each of the two)
  • Alondra (lark)
  • Khloe (green shoot)

Famous people with the name Malaya:

  • Malaya Akulukjuk (Canadian Inuit artist)
  • Malaya Drew (American actress)
  • Malaya Marcelino (Canadian politician)
  • Oxana Malaya (Ukrainian behavioral science case study)

Malayas in popular culture:

  • Malaya Pineda (television, “Code Black”)
  • Malaya (1949 film)
  • Malaya Mountains (Hindu mythology)
  • HMS Malaya (Royal Navy battleship)
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