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Hubert originated in Germany, with the first individual with the name being the saint over hunters. This quirky option has not had quite the revival as other vintage names, but your sn will be sure to stand out. As of 2021, for instance, Hubert is rank 11,081 for boys.

Meaning of the name Hubert:

German: bright heart

Origin of the name Hubert:

The baby name Hubert comes from the Germanic words “hug” and “beraht.” The first individual in recorded history with this option was Saint Hubert, a bishop from the eighth century. He was the patron saint of hunters, according to legend. The name spread quickly to countries around Germany, including France, causing the Normans to bring it to England after their invasion. It replaced the name Hygebeorht in England.

Symbolism of the name Hubert:

The baby name Hubert means “bright heart” because of the Germanic root words “hug” and “beraht.” “Hug” means “heart” or “mind” in English, and “beraht” means “bright.”

Baby name Hubert


Style of the name Hubert:


Gender of the name Hubert:

Hubert is an old-fashioned name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Hubert:


Number of syllables in the name Hubert:


Emotion evoked from the name Hubert:

Hubert is a vintage-sounding and formal baby name. It has an intellectual and serious feel.

Alternative spellings for the name Hubert:

  • Hughbert
  • Huebert

Nicknames for the name Hubert:

  • Bert
  • Bertie
  • Hube
  • Hubie
  • Hugh 
  • Hughie

Popularity of the name Hubert:

Hubert was a top 1,000 baby name in America until 1986 when it ranked at number 955. This old-fashioned option was a top 200 name until 1941, reappearing on the list once in 1944. Hubert ranked highest in 1910 at number 106 for boys.

Related names for the name Hubert:

Great middle names for Hubert and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Hubert:

  • Saint Hubert (patron saint of hunters)
  • Hubert Humphrey (former vice president of the United States)
  • Hubert de Givenchy (fashion designer)
  • Hubert Benolt (psychotherapist)
  • Hubert Laws (jazz flutist)
  • Hubert Green (pro golfer)
  • Hubert Sumlin (blues guitarist)
  • Hubert Brown (basketball coach)

Huberts in popular culture:

  • Hubert Cumberdale (character from “Salad Fingers”)
  • Hubert (character from “Brave”)
  • Hubert Ozwell (character from “Tales of Graces” video game)
  • Hubert Duck (character from “DuckTales”)
  • Hubert Farnsworth (character from “Futurama”)
  • Hubert Hardy (character from “Out on the Pampas”)
  • Hubert von Vestra (character from “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” video game)
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