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As you might imagine, Saint is simply an English word with some pretty powerful meanings. It's been on the rise as a given name for boys and girls — though mostly used for boys — over the last decade, and now it's one of the most popular names in the United States. You can thank some celebrities for that. Because it's one syllable, Saint also makes a great middle name for longer given names.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Saint:

Saint is an English word used to describe a “person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and typically regarded as being in heaven after death”. It can also be used to describe someone who is very kind or patient. Saint became well-known as a given name after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bestowed the name on their son.

Symbolism of the Name Saint:

Choosing the baby name Saint could be a symbol of new parents' faith. It could also be chosen in hopes that the child will grow up to be a virtuous person.

Nicknames for the Name Saint:

If you want a good nickname for Saint, you'll have to get a bit creative. We've done some of the hard work for you by compiling a list of great Saint nicknames; now, all you have to do is pick the best one!

  • Sainty
  • Ains
  • Holy
  • Ann
  • Annie 
  • S.T.
  • Cross
  • Sam 
  • Sammy
Baby name Saint

Style of the Name Saint:


Gender of the Name Saint:

Saint is a name given to both boys and girls, though it's more common for boys.

Pronunciation of the Name Saint:


Number of Syllables in the Name Saint:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Saint:

The baby name Saint evokes images of someone who is fashionable and creative.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Saint:

  • Saynt
  • Sainte
  • Sante

Popularity of the Name Saint:

According to the Social Security Administration, Saint has been a top 1,000 baby name for boys in the United States since 2018, and it's on the rise. In 2018, it ranked at number 858. By 2022, it ranked at number 361.

Great Middle Names for Saint and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name Saint:



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