From Dolion to Wily to Osman and beyond, each of these boy names that mean liar — or are loosely related — is intriguing and unique. Explore these baby names to find the perfect name for your little boy.

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  • Dolion This boy's name comes from the Greek adjective (dolios) that means “deceitful, treacherous, and crafty.” The name translates to mean “to deceive,” “to lure craftily,” “to use deceit” or “to lie.” This rather dark and naughty male name is taken from Greek mythology.
  • Anwir This strong male name is of Olde English and Welsh origin. The name can be translated to a “liar” or “one who deceives.” In recent years, this name has become popular due to an ancient and blue-hued dragon and head of state in a forgotten realm of the game Dungeons and Dragons that continues to mesmerize boys of all ages by its exciting fictional world and adventures.
  • Kharique Another unique name for boys that comes from Arabian origins can be transferred in English to indicate a “liar” or a “deceitful man.” This name has remained popular in Hindi and Muslim cultures around the globe.
  • Kaazib This super macho name for boys is short but strong. It has its roots in the Arabic language but is found in other countries too. Kaazib means “liar,” pseudo” or “mendacious.” Used more metaphorically, this name can translate to “fake” or “false.”
  • Dajjal Here is another traditionally male name that stems from Arabic origins. This name is also used to indicate the coming false messiah or the anti-Christ. Translated to English has this original name meaning “a liar,” “a falsifier” or “the great deceiver.” This moniker describes a person willing to go to great lengths to hide the truth like adding a layer of gold via gilding to cover up something ugly.
  • Jaakobah This is a name that comes from Hebrew and is found in the Bible where the name indicates a descendant of Simeone. The name is a version of the name Jacob and loosely translates to “heel catcher,” “supplementer ” or “deceiver.” This Biblical story refers to the twin Jacob who catches his brother's heel during birth and tried to steal his brother's birthright at the urging of his mother Rebecca who favored her second born twin.
  • Tabrass The name Tabrass comes from Arabic origins and is popular for boys living in Muslim countries. This name too translates to “liar” or “one known to be deceitful.”
  • Anansi Much like the female version of this African origin name for boys, Anansi was also a “spider trickster” of ancient lore alongside the bewitching Ananasi, the female counterpart. This would make a delightful name for your little and cunning and trick loving baby boy.
  • Wily This name is of Olde English origins and means “deceitful,” or “one who gains an advantage” typically through “crafty” measures that must be at least admired. Typically, Wily is a boy's name that has rebounded today into modern day America.
  • Mephistophilus, This male name comes from Hebrew, Olde English and German origins. The name refers to a German demon known to be a “liar” and “falsehood plasterer.” The name was mentioned by Shakespeare.
  • Cluanack A traditional Irish name that translates to “deceitful,” “a rogue” and “flattering in a self-serving manner.” Despite the dark and less than admirable meaning of this name, there are many in Ireland and elsewhere that are generally considered to be charming even though they are down-on-their-luck, are considered “liars” and less than esteemed in status.
  • Maximón Maximón was known as a “trickster” folk deity by the Mayan people groups living in Guatemala. This legendary figure was well known to use “deception” and “insincere flattery” to get what he most wanted. He is an imperfect saint who drank too much and chain-smoked but taught the indigenous Mayans new religious teachings and was venerated by these people after he arose to a prominent place during the Spanish conquest there.
  • Osman This Arabic name for boys originated centuries ago. There is evidence of this name in Scandinavia too. Translated, Osman carries the meaning of “a lying snake” or “son of snake” and known to be “crafty” and “deceptive.”
  • Patrick “Trick” – The Irish name Patrick means “noble.” For some extra fun with a name, consider naming your little “devious” baby boy with this moniker and call him by the self-descriptive nickname “Trick.”
  • Hermes The Greek origin name was the “messenger boy of the gods” in Greek mythology legends. He continues into the modern world as the “patron of wandering travelers” and, yes, “to thieves.” What could be cuter than that?
  • Illhugi This name is of Old Norse origins. Can mean “ill, evil, bad in word and deed.” Pertaining to mind, spirit and thought. “One who lies or speaks falsely.”
  • Warlock This is another name for “wizard.” It translates from the Old English word wærloga that means “liar, deceiver, enemy or devil.” From the Old Germanic language can translate as “to lie” or “a covenant or oath breaker.” “False tongued one.”
  • Malherbe This name comes from the old Medieval French word mal meaning “bad,” or “one who speaks untruths and evil.”
  • Ulkos This male name comes from Old Celtic legend and means “bad” and “one who speaks and acts with great wickedness or untruths.”
  • Amaguq This Inuit male name comes from their ancient legends of a notorious and ruthless “trickster” and “wolf god.” Can mean “cunning” and “deceiver.” “One who uses false words and tricks.”
  • Moritz The boy's name Moritz can be traced back to a legendary German folk hero. He was somewhat of a “trickster” character who weaved tall “untrue tales” in attempts to get what he wanted.
  • Peter– This boy's name is of Bulgarian folklore. Considered “a sly mythic trickster,” Sly Peter also was known as “a cunning one” who had a “silver tongue that wove tall tales.”
  • Reynard This name derives from the fables of Reynard the fox. He is depicted in these tales as a “slick and cunning” fox who “spun falsehoods” with enchanting charm.
  • Zomo This is a powerful yet unusual name for boys that has its origins in Nigerian folklore. The word roughly translates to “trickster rabbit.” He used his “wily charm” and “slick silver tongue” to get himself out of troubles.
  • Pedro This cute Hispanic name comes from Latin American myth and folklore. He was called Pedro Urdemales and was considered a bright and “cunningly deceitful” folk hero who was mostly a “fast-talking” “trickster” sort of character still beloved today.
  • Nasreddin This boy's name hails from Turkish legend that is based on a real man. This “clever shyster” used “deception and tricks” for getting what he wanted in “embellished storytelling” and “lying” when he needed something.

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