Guy is a likeable name for boys. Friendly in tone, this name has sustained a winning role in popular culture. Guy Gardner is the name of a hero in the DC Comics universe, and Guy Hastings was also a character in the Alcatraz series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Guy:

Old Germanic, Norman French: Wood, wide
Old Hebrew: Valley, ravine
Low Germanic, Dutch, Old French: Guide, leader

Origin of the name Guy:

Guy is a masculine name with two distinct origins. First, Guy is the Norman French form of the ancient name Wido. This name derives from either the Old Germanic element witu (meaning “wood”) or wit (meaning “wide”). Alternatively, Guy is also a spelling variation of the name Gai (גַּיְא). This name means “valley” or “ravine” in Old Hebrew. Gai has ranked among the top 100 names for boys born in Israel since 2014.

Less commonly, Guy is also a reference to the Low Germanic or Dutch word gei (meaning “leader” or “guide”). This word ultimately derives from the Old French verb guier (meaning “to guide”).

Symbolism of the name Guy:

Guy is a Norman French name that means “wood” or “wide.” The name was popular in England until the rebellion of Guy Fawkes during the 1600s. After this event, the name became an English slang term for “lad,” “boy,” or “fellow.” It fell out of use as a proper name until major revival during the 19th century.

Alternatively, Guy is also an alternate transcription of the Hebrew name Gai (meaning “ravine” or “valley”). In the Bible, the symbol of the valley was the desert lily (Song of Songs 2:1; Matthew 6:28).

Style of the name Guy:


Gender of the name Guy:

Guy is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Guy:


Number of syllables in the name Guy:


Emotion evoked from the name Guy:

The name Guy evokes feelings of generosity and goodness.

Alternative spellings for the name Guy:

Nicknames for the name Guy:

  • Gee
  • Gigi

Popularity of the name Guy:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Guy was the 1,519th most popular baby name for boys in 2021.

Related names for the name Guy:

  • Gary
  • Grey 
  • Grady
  • Gaby
  • Gerry
  • Gordy
  • Garvey
  • Godfrey

Great middle names for Guy and their meanings:

  • Anthony (priceless one, highly praiseworthy)
  • Aristotle (superior, best of all)
  • Boyd (yellow, fair, blonde, golden)
  • Consuelo (consolation)
  • Duke (leader, nobleman, aristocrat)
  • Kyng (king, ruler, monarch)
  • Lance (landowner, weapon, spear)
  • Osiris (seeing eye, mighty one)
  • Pierre (stone, rock)
  • Raymond (wise counsel, protective advisor)
  • Tyson (firebrand, agitator, high-spirited person)
  • Virgil (flourishing, blooming, staff bearer)
  • Waldo (powerful ruler)
  • Wylder (untamed, wild, trapper, hunter)

Famous people with the name Guy:

  • Guy Antonio Abrahams (Olympic athlete)
  • Guy Emory Benjamin (football player)
  • Guy Joseph Jean Charron (ice hockey player)
  • Guy Waldo Dunnington (historian)
  • Guy Ramsay Fieri (restaurateur and television personality)
  • Guy Gavriel Kay (writer)
  • Guy Alberto Lombardo (musician)
  • Guy Edward Pearce (actor)
  • Guy Stuart Ritchie (film director)
  • Guy Theodore Sebastian (singer)
  • Guy Lewis Steele Jr. (computer scientist)
  • Guy Williams (stage name of actor Armando Joseph Catalano)

Guy in popular culture:

  • Guy Gardner (hero in the DC Comics universe)
  • Guy Hastings (character in the Alcatraz series)
  • Guy Smiley (character in the Sesame Street series)