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Solange is a beautiful and sophisticated baby name, popular in France for many centuries. It is only now recognized in America due to the presence of Solange Knowles, the sister of Beyonce. Solange is still not a top 1,000 option, however, so your daughter will stand out with her refined name.

Meaning of the name Solange:

French: solemn

Origin of the name Solange:

Solange originated as the French form of the Latin baby name Sollemnia. This latter name came from the Latin word “sollemnis.” Solange became popular in France due to the shepherdess who later was regarded as a saint in the Christian church after her death.

Symbolism of the name Solange:

The baby name Solange comes from the Latin word “sollemnis.” This word means “religious” in English. Saints, like the first Solange in recorded history, are known for being “solemn.”

Style of the name Solange:


Gender of the name Solange:

Solange is a poised name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Solange:


Number of syllables in the name Solange:


Emotion evoked from the name Solange:

Solange is refined and classy. It is upper class and very formal, living up to its definition of “solemn.”

Alternative spellings for the name Solange:

  • Solannge
  • Sollannge
  • Sollange
  • Solaunge
  • Sollaunge
  • Sollaunnge
  • Solaunnge
  • Solunge
  • Sollunge
  • Sollunnge

Nicknames for the name Solange:

  • Sol
  • Sola
  • Langie
  • Langy
  • Lange
  • Solli
  • Sollie
  • Solly
  • Angie 
  • Ange

Popularity of the name Solange:

Solange has never been on the top 1,000 list in America. This fact is unique in that Solange is the name of a popular singing artist. It is currently rank 8,482.

Related names for the name Solange:

Great middle names for Solange and their meanings:

  • Vanessa (butterfly)
  • Maya (good mother)
  • Gloria (immortal glory, fame, praise, honor)
  • Georgina (farmer)
  • Rosaria (our lady of the rosary)
  • Grisell (battle of dark results)
  • Celeste (heavenly)
  • Wilma (will helmet, protection)

Famous people with the name Solange:

  • Saint Solange (martyr in France church)
  • Solange Knowles (singer, Beyonce's sister)
  • Solange Azagury (jewelry designer)
  • Solange de la Tour (architect)
  • Solange Roisier (physician)
  • Solange Sinclair (Miss Jamaica from 2017)

Solanges in popular culture:

  • Solange Robillard (character from “Gone with the Wind”)
  • Solange Blanchefleur de Lux (character from “Code of Princess” video game)
  • Solange Dimitrios (character from “Casino Royale”)
  • Solange Sourzac (character from “The Children of the Red King”)
  • Solange (character from “Ever Afters” series)
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