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Hardy is a likeable baby name for boys. Known for its innate self-assurance, this name resonated with American culture throughout the first half of the 20th century. Hardy is the name of a character in the Kirby series, and Hardy is also the name of the iconic sleuth teenager popularized during the 1920s. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning of the name Hardy:

Middle English: Strong, bold, hardy
Germanic: Brave

Origin of the name Hardy:

Hardy is a given name with two related origins. Foremost, Hardy originated as a surname derived from the Middle English hardi (meaning “bold” or “hardy”). Alternatively, Hardy can derive from the Germanic element hard (meaning “brave”).

Symbolism of the name Hardy:

Hardy originates from the Middle English hardi (meaning “bold”) or the Germanic element hard (meaning “brave”). The Germanic symbol for bravery is the iron cross.

Style of the name Hardy:


Gender of the name Hardy:

Hardy is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Hardy:


Number of syllables in the name Hardy:


Emotion evoked from the name Hardy:

The name Hardy evokes feelings of dauntlessness and daring.

Alternative spellings for the name Hardy:

  • Hardie
  • Hardee
  • Hardey

Nicknames for the name Hardy:

Popularity of the name Hardy:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Hardy was the 3,002nd most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Hardy:

Great middle names for Hardy and their meanings:

  • Astor (hawk, falcon)
  • Beale (fair, handsome)
  • Camden (winding valley, enclosed vale)
  • Desmond (person from South Munster)
  • Karsten (follower of Christ)
  • Mack (son, mam, greatness)
  • Nayte (God has given)
  • Octavio (eighth)
  • Preston (priest's town)
  • Woodrow (woodland houses, hedge)
  • Yuvan (young, youthful, healthy)

Famous people with the name Hardy:

  • Hardy Åström (ice hockey player)
  • Hardy Alonzo Campbell (equestrian)
  • Hardy Brown (football player)
  • Hardy Cross Dillard (judge)
  • Hardy Nelson Ganong (brigadier general)
  • Hardy Jones (documentary filmmaker)
  • Hardy Otto Nickerson (football player)
  • Hardy Nilsson (ice hockey player)
  • Hardy Falconer Parsons (military officer)
  • Hardy Ward (Olympic archer)

Hardy in popular culture:

  • Hardy (character in the Gate series)
  • Hardy (character in the Mass Effect series)
  • Hardy (character in the Kirby series)
  • Hardy Boys (iconic sleuth characters popularized during the 1920s)
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