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Karsten is a baby boy’s name of Germa and Danish origin. Karsten means “a Christian” and is a variant spelling of Carsten. This spelling is more common in central Europe than in the US.

Meaning of the name Karsten:

German, Danish: a Christian

Origin of the name Karsten:

Karsten is a baby boy’s name of German and Danish origin that means “a Christian”. It derives from the Greek name Christos.

Symbolism of the name Karsten:

Karsten means “a Christian” and refers to a practitioner of the Christian faith. The most common symbols associated with the Christian religion are crosses, crucifixes, and churches.

Style of the name Karsten:


Gender of the name Karsten:

Karsten is a boy'ss name.

Pronunciation of the name Karsten:

KAR-stən (German), KAS-dən (Danish)

Number of syllables in the name Karsten:


Emotion evoked from the name Karsten:

Karsten evokes feelings of strength and leadership.

Alternative spellings for the name Karsten:

Carsten, Karsden, Carsden, Karstyn, Carstyn, Kharsten, Kharstyn

Nicknames for the name Karsten:

  • Kar
  • Kary
  • Karst
  • Ten
  • Tenny

Popularity of the name Karsten:

According to the Social Security Administration, Karsten is an uncommon baby boy’s name. It has never appeared on the top 1000 baby names list in the US.

Related names for the name Karsten:

Great middle names for the name Karsten and their meanings:

  • Noah (rest, repose)
  • Elijah (Yahweh is God)
  • Julian (youthful, downy-bearded, sky father)
  • Joachim (established by God)
  • Maximilian (greatest)
  • Wilhelm (resolute protection)
  • Jack (God is gracious)
  • Finn (fair, white)
  • Miles (soldier, merciful)
  • Soren (stern)

Famous people with the name Karsten:

  • Karsten Johansson (American architect)
  • Karsten Braasch (German tennis player)
  • Karsten Kroon (Dutch cyclist)
  • Karsten Solheim (Norwegian-American golf club designer)
  • Karsten Baumann (German footballer)

Karsten in popular culture:

  • Crusch Karsten (television, “ Re:Zero”)
  • Karsten (media, “Pokemon” series)
  • Karsten Kaeb (video games, “BattleTech”)
  • Karsten (television, “Karsten og Petra”)
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