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Eliot is a sleek spelling alternative to Elliott. It feels more trendy and upscale than the original, though both date back to Elias and Elijah. As of 2021, this version of the baby name is a top 2,500 option.

Meaning of the name Eliot:

English: my God is Yahweh

Origin of the name Eliot:

Eliot originated as a surname and spelling variation of Elliott. T.S. Eliot helped to popularize the title in America in the twentieth century. Elliott originated as an English surname. It was originally a diminutive of Elias, the Medieval form of Elijah. Elijah comes from the Hebrew Eliyyahu, meaning “my God is Yahweh.”

Symbolism of the name Eliot:

Eliot has the same meaning as the original spelling, Elliott. It dates back to Elias, the Medieval form of Elijah. Elijah is a modern take on Eliyyahu, which means “my God is Yahweh.”

Style of the name Eliot:


Gender of the name Eliot:

Eliot is a strong name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Eliot:


Number of syllables in the name Eliot:


Emotion evoked from the name Eliot:

Eliot feels powerful and upscale. It is a youthful and streamlined name.

Alternative spellings for the name Eliot:

Nicknames for the name Eliot:

Popularity of the name Eliot:

Eliot was first a top 1,000 baby name in 1905 at rank 859. It fell off the top 1,000 list until 1950 when it was number 981. Eliot ranked highest in 1960 at 800. As of 2021, this baby name is a top 2,500 option at rank 2,459.

Related names for the name Eliot:

Great middle names for Eliot and their meanings:

  • Levi (joined in harmony, united)
  • Miles (soldier, servant)
  • Cole (coal, charcoal)
  • Jude (Praised, highly praiseworthy)
  • Zane (God is gracious, God's gracious gift)
  • Caleb (brave, faithful, bold, whole-hearted)
  • Ford (river crossing, dwells by the ford)

Famous people with the name Eliot:

  • Eliot Sumner (musician)
  • Eliot Jones (reality TV star)

Eliots in popular culture:

  • Eliot (character from “Scrubs”)
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