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Cecil is a name that has a tendency to come in and out of fashion. It seems remarkably traditional, yet decades can go by without the name being popular. Read on to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Cecil:

Welsh: Six

Origin of the name Cecil:

Cecil is a name of Welsh origin that means “six”, which itself is probably derived from the Latin word sextus.

Symbolism of the name Cecil:

Cecil tends to be a name that symbolizes tradition and thoughtfulness above all else.

Style of the name Cecil:


Gender of the name Cecil:

Cecil is almost exclusively used as a name for baby boys in the United States, though it is infrequently considered a unisex name elsewhere.

Pronunciation of the name Cecil:


Number of syllables in the name Cecil:


Emotion evoked from the name Cecil:

Cecil tends to evoke emotions related to propriety, calmness, and a general sense of peacefulness.

Alternative spellings for the name Cecil:

  • Cecyl
  • Caecil
  • Cesul

Nicknames for the name Cecil:

  • See
  • CC
  • Sully

Popularity of the name Cecil:

According to the Social Security Administration, Cecil last ranked on the list of most popular baby names in 1997 at number 972. The name was most popular in 1902, when it was the 65th most popular name.

Related names for the name Cecil:

Great middle names for Cecil and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Cecil:

  • Cecil Baldwin (American actor/voice artist)
  • Cecil Fielder (American baseball player)
  • Cecil Gordon (American racecar driver)

Cecils in popular culture:

  • Cecil Palmer (character, Welcome to Nightvale)
  • Cecil Stedman (character, Invincible)
  • Cecil Harvey (character, Final Fantasy IV)
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