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Though not as popular as Briana and Brianna, Bryana offers a unique take on a spunky baby name. This option likely did not exist until the twentieth century, but it was most popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. Currently, it is a top 7,000 name.

Meaning of the name Bryana:

Irish: high, noble

Origin of the name Bryana:

Bryana is a spelling variation of the baby name Briana. Briana originated as the feminine variation of the Irish baby name Brian. Edmund Spenser was the first to use the name Briana as seen in his “The Faerie Queene.” Though this work came out in the sixteenth century, Briana and its spelling variations, such as Bryana, did not spread until the twentieth century.

Symbolism of the name Bryana:

Bryana means the same as the original Briana, which, as mentioned, comes from Brian. Brian comes from the old Celtic word “bre,” which means “hill.” A hill, therefore, is associated with being “high” and “noble.”

Style of the name Bryana:

Modern when using this spelling

Gender of the name Bryana:

Bryana is a modern and feminine baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Bryana:

bree-AN-uh, bree-AHN-uh, or brie-AN-uh

Number of syllables in the name Bryana:


Emotion evoked from the name Bryana:

Bryana feels spunky and trendy. It is wholesome and easy-going.

Alternative spellings for the name Bryana:

Nicknames for the name Bryana:

Popularity of the name Bryana:

Bryana became rank 973 in 1991, putting it on the top 1,000 list for the first time. The name became a top 800 option from 1995 to 1997, ranking highest at number 728 in 1997. 2003 was the last year Bryana was on the top 1,000 list, however, at number 982.

Related names for the name Bryana:

Great middle names for Bryana and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Bryana:

Bryanas in popular culture:

  • Bryana Thomkins (character from “The Bernie Mac Show”)