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Breeana is one of the rarest spelling variations of Briana. It is only on the top 23,000 list in America. This unique variation still has the same origins, however, in that it is a feminine form of Brian.

Meaning of the name Breeana:

Irish: high, noble

Origin of the name Breeana:

Breeana is a unique spelling variation of Briana. The latter is the feminine form of Brian, first used in the 1600s in a book called “The Faerie Queene.” Brian, however, comes from the Gaelic word “bre.” Briana spread in popularity around the world in the eighteenth century, creating many spelling variations, including Breeana.

Symbolism of the name Breeana:

Breeana has the same meaning of Briana and ultimately, Brian. Remember, Brian comes from the Gaelic word “bre,” which translates to “hill.” Someone could associate a hill with something “high” or “noble.”

Style of the name Breeana:


Gender of the name Breeana:

Breeana is a trendy name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Breeana:

bree-AN-uh or bree-AHN-uh

Number of syllables in the name Breeana:


Emotion evoked from the name Breeana:

Breeana feels trendy and modern though it is more traditional. It is simple and approachable.

Alternative spellings for the name Breeana:

  • Breeanna
  • Briana
  • Brianna 
  • Breiana
  • Breianna

Nicknames for the name Breeana:

  • Bree
  • Ana 
  • Brei
  • Brey
  • Bry
  • Reana

Popularity of the name Breeana:

Breeana is not a top 1,000 name in America, and it has never had a place on the Social Security Popularity Index. Currently, it is on the top 23,000 list at rank 22,386.

Related names for the name Breeana:

Great middle names for Breeana and their meanings:

  • Adeline (noble, nobility)
  • Blaire (plain, field)
  • Grace (God's grace)
  • Noelle (Christmas, birthday of the Lord)
  • Jade (stone of the side)
  • Paige (helper, assistant)
  • Sage (herb, prophet)
  • Rose (rose, a flower)

Famous people with the name Breeana:

There are no famous people with the baby name Breeana.

Breeanas in popular culture:

There are no fictional characters with the baby name Breeana.

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