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The 8 Best Food and Drink Spots at Target Field in Minneapolis

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The 8 Best Food and Drink Spots at Target Field in Minneapolis

Home runs. Perfect games. Cotton candy. It's all a part of watching a baseball game. It's one of the best family things to do in the summer. If you love baseball, you love watching your baseball team battle from April until September. You want to see them clinch a playoff spot so the season lasts longer.

Watching baseball in Minneapolis couldn't be more true. After a long and grueling winter, getting outside and watching baseball in Minneapolis is one of the best things to do. Nothing makes that experience better than eating some of the best baseball food. While every stadium is different, there's nothing like finding what you like at Target Field and watching the Minnesota Twins.

But what are the eight best food and drink spots at Target Field? Here's a guide that explores everything you need about the best food at Target Field. We also look at why Target Field is one of the best baseball fields.

The Best Food at Target Field

Family eating cotton candy at a park.
Cotton candy is a fan favorite at baseball stadiums.

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You may think that every baseball stadium offers the same kind of food. In some ways, they do, but in others, they offer some unique stuff. Target Field offers food from healthy to not-so-healthy. You'll find something for the whole family regardless of where you fall. Here's a list of the most popular food items that show why Target Field offers some of the best food in baseball.

The Newer Items

As of 2023, the newer items at Target Field include Union Hmong Kitchen. It serves Kramarczuk’s Hmong Sausage. You'll also find the delicious Khao Sen Rice Noodle Bowl. You'll also find a seared sauce served with rice and noodles. If you love Asian food, this is one of the best places at Target Field. It's located in section 127.

For more Americanized food, head to sections 126, 122, and 318. In section 126, you'll find Jonny Pops serving summer cool-down desserts like Summer Strawberries and Cream and Rainbow Fruit Stacks. You'll also find the classic chicken or Philly steak sandwich in this section. It's served with a hoagie roll. In section 318, you'll find the Mega Pretzel. This new item is served with cheese sauce and mustard.

Another newer food item is the Soul Bowl. In section 113, the Soul Bowl includes jerky chicken. It also comes with sweet plantains and yellow rice.

If you love pork sandwiches, you'll also love the Cochinita Sliders. These are found on the upper deck of the stadium. It's a mixture of banana leaves and marinated pork braised in adobo. It also comes with a sweet Hawaiian roll. To top it off and make it spicier, it comes with a habanero-pickled red onion.

The Classic Items

Over the years, Target Field has made a point to partner with local chefs and restaurants. As a result, this baseball stadium serves classic food found throughout the city of Minneapolis.

One of the most classic foods at Target Field is Kramarczuk’s. This is beyond just a hot dog. It's Polish sausages piled with sauerkraut and grilled onion. They are even better when you drizzle mustard on top of them. They are found in sections 101, 112, 132.

The broasted chicken is also one of the best foods to eat at Target Field. It offers chicken tenders or a chicken sandwich with an order of fries. You can find this delicious sandwich in section 133.

If you want the classic cheeseburger, look no further than Red Cow. It serves the Ultimate Burger, which comes with creamy Red Cow sauce. You have the option of having the famous Wisconsin cheddar. You can also add or remove tomatoes, lettuce, or onions. You'll find this in section 126 or 233.

Other favorites include Bub’s Gourmet Aussie Pies, Hot Indian food, Mac’s Fish (for seafood), and La Tapatia (known for their chicken tacos).

Beverage Options to Consider

Some of the most popular drinks at Busch Stadium include:

  • Canned Beer
  • Canned Truly Seltzer
  • Draft – Anheuser Busch beers
  • Draft – Summit
  • Minnesota Craft Brews
  • Bottled Water
  • Bottled Soda
  • Coffee

Where Does Target Field Rank

With a capacity of 40,000 seats, Target Field is one of the smaller stadiums in baseball, ranking 26th out of 30 baseball fields. However, it's also one of the best baseball stadiums. In fact, ESPN ranked Targe Field as the best baseball stadium in North America.

Since its opening in 2010, Target Field has been ranked one of the best baseball venues. It also ranks high for friendliness of the environment and game day promotions.

What Should You Order at Target Field?

Attending a baseball game at Target Field is one of the best things to do in the summer in Minneapolis. It offers family fun with some of the best food options of any baseball stadium. You'll discover a diverse food selection, from sandwiches to Asian food to fancy desserts.

Walking around Target Field will show you how magnificent the baseball stadium is, especially since it's newer. You'll also discover all the diverse food options you can enjoy. Attending a baseball game at Target Field is a can't-miss summer event offering endless food options.

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