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The 5 Best Food and Drink Items at Nationals Park: From Ben’s to Shake Shack

Washington DC, US Capitol Building in a cloudy sunrise with mirror reflection

The 5 Best Food and Drink Items at Nationals Park: From Ben’s to Shake Shack

There's nothing like seeing a game in Washington, DC, the nation's capital. It's home to the Washington Nationals, where they play at Nationals Park. Since they opened in 2008, they've had some of the best baseball players join the team, one of them being Bryce Harper. However, the attraction of Nationals Park is more than the players. It's also the best food and drink items.

But what should you get at Nationals Park? Where can you find savory and sweet options at this stadium? This guide gives you everything you need to know about Nationals Park. We not only cover this baseball stadium's unique history but also uncover the newest and hottest food and drink items you can try out this baseball season.

A Brief History of Nationals Park

Nationals Park is one of the newest stadiums that opened in the MLB. This stadium is packed full of things to do for kids and adults. For example, there's a National Park Kids Zone for kids of all ages to play at. It has slides and other fun things for kids to play with during the baseball game.

There's another kid-fun activity called Kids Run the Bases. Kids ages 4 to 12 are invited to run the bases every Sunday afternoon home game. Kids run the bases while the adult waits at home plate. Another fun thing to do at this park is get a home run or foul ball certificate. You get this when you catch either one of them. You can commemorate the experience with a certificate.

Beyond these fun activities at Nationals Park is the awesome experience of watching a Washington Nationals baseball game with some of the best food.

The Best Places for Food and Drink at Nationals: The Top Five Options

Washington DC, US Capitol Building in a cloudy sunrise with mirror reflection
If you're at the nation's capital, watch a game at Nationals Park.

Capo Italian Deli

If you love huge sandwiches, you'll love Capo Italian Deli. It's the newest restaurant at Nationals Park. It offers an assortment of sandwiches from roast beef to ham to turkey. You'll also find a selection of delicious salads to choose from.

Capo Italian Deli is found in section 107.

Jammin’ Island BBQ

If you're dying for a good barbecue at a baseball game, look no further than Jammin' Island BBQ. They offer more than the traditional barbecue of ribs and pulled pork. They also offer stuff like Caribbean and Filipino flavors. You'll also find food like jerk chicken, burgers, and more.

This food is found in sections 218 and 243.

Haute Dogs and Fries

Nothing beats eating a hot and fries at a baseball game. It's the most essential food at a baseball game. Haute Dogs and Fries takes it to another level. They offer hot dogs and fries with some of the most creative toppings that have garnered them awards. In the past, they've made Chicago dogs and Vietnamese-style banh mi.

They are found in sections 105 and 223.

South Mountain Creamery 

Look no further than South Mountain Creamery if you have a sweet tooth. This family-owned ice farm has some of the best ice cream at baseball games. One of the best flavors is the cherry-blossomed ice cream flavor.

You can find these in sections 115 and 135.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

You may not think much about chili at a baseball game, but think again when it's Ben's Chili Bowl. This is a signature dish that loyal Washington National fans love. They offer chili-cheese fries that are worth sharing with friends.

You can find these in section 140.

Best Places for Food and Drink: Bonus Food Options to Consider

If you want other food options, especially meatless ones, consider Melissa’s Field of Greens. They offer a variety of dishes that don't have any meat. You can also visit the wildly popular Shake Shack, which offers hot dogs and hamburgers.

Beverage Options to Consider

There are also a variety of beers and cocktails you can find at Nationals Park. They also offer non-alcoholic drinks like water, coffee, and some of the tastiest juices.

Here are the most popular drinks at Nationals Park.

  • DC Brau
  • Denizens
  • Hellbender
  • Port City
  • Mango-Basil Margarita
  • Cherry Blossom Mul
  • Bottled Water
  • Coffee and Lattes

What to Get at Nationals Park

Being at the Nation's capitol is a spectacle. There are so many museums and historical sites to see. Nationals Park is one of the must-see things in Washington. It's a fun family activity that offers tons of kids activity. The best part is enjoying some of the best food.

Trying some of these Nationals Park food options only enhances your baseball game experience. It's the best way to try some of any baseball stadium's finest savory and sweet foods.

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