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The 5 Best Places for Food and Drink at Rogers Centre in Toronto

Turner Field, Atlanta, United States

The 5 Best Places for Food and Drink at Rogers Centre in Toronto

When you think of American baseball, you might forget that Canada is a part of it. For instance, the Toronto Bluejays play at Rogers Centre in Toronto. While it gets below freezing in the winter and spring in Toronto, Rogers Centre has a rooftop that helps keep the temperatures during baseball season at a brisk 60 to 70 degrees. The best thing about this massive stadium is the best places for food and drink.

A baseball game is nothing without a classic hot dog or hamburger. Nowadays, you'll find the most diverse food and drink options at baseball stadiums, especially at Rogers Centre. They offer poutine hot dogs, candy shops, brisket sandwiches, and more.

This article provides an overview of the five best food and drink options at Rogers Centre. You'll know the best food options and where to find them in this 12.7-acre stadium.

The Best Food and Drink Spots at Rogers Centre

Turner Field, Atlanta, United States
Toronto is home to the Bluejays and one of the best ballparks for food and drinks.

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While the first Canadian sports team was granted in 1977 for the Toronto Bluejays, it wasn't until 1989 that Rogers Centre became home to this baseball team. Although the team has never won a World Series, they are still a spectacle. Seeing this amazing team at this baseball stadium will make you appreciate baseball even more. However, the food is one of the most underrated things about watching a baseball game at Rogers Centre.

Let's uncover some of the best food and drinks at Rogers Centre.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You may not think much about grilled cheese sandwiches, but you've never had grilled sandwiches like the ones made at Rogers Centre. This is a gooey cheese sandwich that isn't just for kids. It's made with Texas-style white bread smothered in gouda and cheddar cheese. Then, it's toasted for perfection.

You can find this delicious food in the 500 field level of left field.

Brisket Sandwich

You don't have to be in Texas to get a Texas barbecue. Rogers Centre offers some of the best barbecue sandwiches. They offer a smoked brisket sandwich with apple barbecue sauce and bread and butter pickles.

You can find this food in the 500 level.

Oreo Churro

Look no further than the Oreo churro for those with a sweeter tooth. It's one of the most unique things at Rogers Centre that is a must-have for any baseball fan. It's deep-fried dough that's rolled in Oreos. On top of that, there's vanilla icing. If you can handle the sweetness, this is the perfect snack for a baseball game.

Look for this in the Park Social section.

Candy Wall

There's more than Oreo churros if you have a sweet tooth. The famous candy wall also features some of the best candy, from jelly beans to gummy worms to Swedish fish. You'll find endless rows of candy you can purchase as a snack for the baseball game. It's the perfect complement to any of the savory foods you'll find at Rogers Centre.

You can find this in the Park Social section.

Poutine Dog

The poutine dog at Rogers Centre is unlike any hot dog you've ever had at a baseball game. For starters, it's beyond just a hot dog. It's a Schneiders wiener that's buried in a Villagio bun. That's only the essentials. To top it off, it has Quebec cheese curds that melt on top of it. Then you have hash browns and gluten-free gravy. It's the perfect mix of deliciousness and what makes Rogers Centre stand out regarding hot dogs.

You can find this in sections 109, 209, 215, 220, 228, 233, 514, 520, 523, 529 and 533.

Beverage Options to Consider at Rogers Centre

Considering all your delicious food options, it's also essential to think about what your drink of choice is to complement these amazing food choices. You'll find everything from beer to nonalcoholic drinks at Rogers Centre that's fitting for adults and kids.

Here are the most popular drinks at Rogers Centre:

  • Blue Jays Rum Punch
  • Ball Four Blood Orange Mule 
  • Frozen Margaritas
  • Sangria
  • Mill Street Brewery's Tankhouse Ale
  • West Coast IPA
  • Amsterdam 3 Speed Lager (
  • Bellwoods Jelly King Sour
  • Iced Coffee Drinks
  • Bottled Water
  • Hot Coffee

What Should You Order at Rogers Centre?

The Rogers Centre offers spectacular views of the CN Tower, a retractable roof, and much more. The best thing about Rogers Centre isn't the architecture or views, it's the food. The diverse food at this stadium is a unique blend of sweet and savory.

Overall, Rogers Centre is one of the best stadiums in baseball for the food alone. You'll not only experience a great baseball game, but you'll also experience some of the finest baseball game food.

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