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Blaire is a name as beautiful as the highlands of Scotland. In fact, this is exactly where this name originates from! Blaire is a Gaelic name that sparks thoughts of emerald fields. Of course, most people know it today as a preppy name. Keep reading to learn more about bedazzling Blaire.

Meaning of the name Blaire:

Gaelic: Field, plain, battlefield

Origin of the name Blaire:

Gaelic. Blaire is derived from the Gaelic word “blár” that refers to a field or plain used for battle.

Symbolism of the name Blaire:

Blaire is symbolic of a battlefield. It also calls to mind wide green fields.

Style of the name Blaire:


Gender of the name Blaire:

Blaire is typically seen as a girl's name in the United States. However, it is primarily used as a name for boys in places like Scotland and Canada.

Pronunciation of the name Blaire:


Syllables in the name Blaire:


Emotion evoked from the name Blaire:

The name Blaire comes across as strong. It is also seen as a “preppy” name. People who are familiar with the Scottish origins of Blaire view it as a powerful name that calls to mind vast fields of green.

Alternative spellings for the name Blaire:

Blaer, Blair, Blayr.

Nicknames for the name Blaire:

Bebe, Bee.

Popularity of the name Blaire:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Blair has been on the upswing ever since making its first appearance on the list of the top 1,000 baby names in 2016. Blaire had its most popular year when it reached #699 in 2020.

Related names for the name Blaire:


Great middle names for Blaire and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Blaire:

  • Blaire Erskine (comedian and writer)
  • Blaire Hanks (country singer and guitarist)

Blaires in movies/pop culture:

  • Blaire (squirrel villager from the “Animal Crossing” series)
  • Blaire Wilson (American Girl doll)
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