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The 16 Best Places To Eat In Long Beach Today

Long Beach, California, USA skyline.

The 16 Best Places To Eat In Long Beach Today

There are many reasons to visit the wonderful city of Long Beach. The city has some of the nicest beaches, the best thrift stores, and the most interesting people. Another reason why Long Beach is a great tourist destination is because of the fantastic restaurants. There’s a taste for everyone in this popular city, so where should you go first? Today, we’ll tell you about the best places to eat in Long Beach and the dishes that make them so special.

A & J Seafood Shack

In addition to being one of the best places to eat in Long Beach, this might also be the smallest. It’s a literal shack, but you don’t want to miss it. There’s such a huge variety here. You can go up to the window and order salt and pepper wings, fried whole squid, spring rolls, garlic shrimp, fried rice, and more. They also offer a few special and refreshing drinks, including a Thai iced tea and a fresh young coconut.

Bar Envie

If you’re looking for cajun food and a great atmosphere, look no further than Long Beach’s Bar Envie. There are many great dishes here, including spicy frog legs, warm crab dip, fried oysters, and spicy roulade. They also have some of their exclusive classics, such as the Envie burger. While the food is good, many people come around for cocktails and libations. There are many fun drinks to try and an extensive wine list. This place is a great one to go to with friends.

Saint & Second

When you eat at Saint & Second, you know you’re in for a treat. This is a massive restaurant with an almost endless menu of American cuisine. Go for lunch and check out their harvest casareccia pasta, pan-seared salmon, and unforgettable fish and chips. At dinner, get crab cakes for the table and then feast on great burgers and salads. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list. What you really need to come here for is the dessert. They have some incredible options, including cinnamon apple pie, chocolate budino, and their trademark creamsicle dessert.

Phnom Penh Noodle Shack

If you love Cambodian food, you must check out this Noodle Shack, that is considered to be one of the best restaurants in the entire city. Come here for brunch and check out their noodle soup or rice porridge, and you’ll be satisfied for hours. This is a smaller restaurant, so stop in when you’re looking for a quick bite. 

Eat Nest 

This “breakfast joint” has all the early morning classics. They’re the bacon griddle, a churro waffle, a grilled strip steak, and more. When in doubt, at least go with the one-, two-, or three-egg combo. If sausage or bacon aren’t your thing, go for the veggie scramble. There’s also an extensive kids menu, so there’s something for everyone.


This is widely considered to be the best Colombian restaurant in Long Beach. One of the great things here is that they serve family-style dishes. There’s also a large bar that sells a variety of tequila and rum-based cocktails and mimosas. It’s at this restaurant that you’ll get “food with soul” with the extensive dine-in menu. Selections include sea scallops & arepas, corn arepa, smoked pollo, and their world-famous market fish, which changes regularly. Stay for dessert and consider the pudin de pan, which has cinnamon crema and nutty chocolate.

Grilled Fraiche

It’s the go-to restaurant for fans of Caribbean food, and you won’t be disappointed. You can get all of the traditional dishes here, ranging from oxtails to jerk chicken. That’s just the beginning. You can also try the famous garlic noodles, the tasty quesadillas, or the shrimp and grits. There are also plenty of veggie options.

Little Coyote

This is one of the best places to eat in Long Beach if you love all things pizza. There are two Little Coyote locations in the city, and they’re both great. You’ll like this place even more if you love big New York-style slices. You can get basic slices with cheese and pepperoni, but that’s not all. You can also order a queen margarita, veggie supremo, and a vegan option. They also have amazing salads and subs, including an incredible meatball sandwich. Bring the family and ask for a seat in the huge outdoor patio section.

Speak Cheezy

Once you’ve tried all the other pizza places in California, come to Speak Cheezy, home to the world’s perfect crust. It’s a combination of New York-style and sourdough, and it’s 100% delicious. The pizza is so good that The Washington Post once called it the “best pizza in America.” There are many tasty options to consider here, including pepperoni, margherita, vodka sausage, black garlic, and pumpkin honey, among many other options. Top off your meal with a tasty chocolate chip cookie.

Rivera’s Mexican Restaurant

Rivera’s is one of the finest Mexican restaurants in the larger surrounding area, and it’s one you should not miss. This is a nice and comfortable restaurant that’s fit for the family, and they serve generous portions of delicious recipes. Everything here is elevated a bit more, from the carne asada nachos and stuffed jalapenos to the chicken tortas and the tasty shrimp meals. It’s truly a unique experience that will have you coming back for more. Don’t leave without trying the cheese flan.


One of the best places to eat in Long Beach for Mediterranean fans is Ammatoli. You can sit indoors or out on the patio and enjoy a variety of kebab plates and mezze platters. It’s all perfectly seasoned, and there’s a huge selection, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. When you stop by, be sure to try the beet-feta salad and the falafel bowl. This is the food you won’t get everywhere else, so add it to your bucket list.

The Wild Chive

Vegans, pay attention! This is the must-try restaurant in Long Beach if you love vegan soul food that’s cooked to perfection. It’s here where you can try their pesto chicken sandwich and a variety of plant-based burgers. Go for the wild shroom burger that is perfectly charred and covered with melty smoked gouda. Head there for breakfast and try the berry banana french toast complete with toasted almonds.

Wrigley BBQ & Grill

This is one of the best BBQ locations in California. This is not a place where you can go to sit down, but it’s worth the trip to place an order and pick it up. They have all the Southern staples that warm the belly, including fried cabbage, mac and cheese, spare ribs, brisket, hot links, chicken, and more. There are also excellent desserts, including their 7-Up cake, which you won’t soon forget.

Robert Earl’s BBQ

The other best BBQ place in Long Beach is Robert Earl’s. They have all of the classics here, including ribs that fall off of the bone, great beef brisket sandwiches, and mouthwatering sausage links. If you’re extra hungry or you go with a group, try one of the famous platters. There are platters that feed 7, 10, and 14 people with various types of meat. They also have exciting weekly specials.

The Attic

If you’re looking for a great brunch place in Long Beach, look no further than The Attic. This popular hot spot has all of the brunch staples, from Bloody Marys to a fantastic menu that includes fried green tomatoes, burgers covered in their signature steak sauce, and tasty cheese toast. Don’t forget to check out some of their trademark dishes, such as their “up country benedict” and the “breakfast rice in a stone bowl.” Stick around for dessert and try the orange blossom flan and their beignet doughnuts.

Chiang Rai

If you’re looking for something completely new, stop by Chiang Rai and try their unique Northern Thai cuisine. Your mouth will start watering as soon as you walk in and the aromas hit you. There’s a huge menu with many tasty options, ranging from yellow curry to the green chile dip. Don’t leave without trying the incredible pineapple fried rice.


This is just a taste of some of the best places to eat in Long Beach. There are a variety of options here, so go to the place that calls to you and your family. Try every restaurant on this list. You won’t regret it!

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