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Siri is a name that most Americans are used to hearing, if only from their phones. It is, however, also a very common name outside of the US. Read on the learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Siri:

Scandinavian: Beautiful victory

Origin of the name Siri:

Siri is a name of Scandinavian origin that roughly translates as “beautiful victory” but that can also be translated to mean “beautiful woman who leads us to victory”.

Symbolism of the name Siri:

Siri tends to be a name that symbolizes not only beauty, but a kind of fearsome beauty. It is a name that brings with it a sense of strength as well as grace.

Style of the name Siri:


Gender of the name Siri:

Siri is almost always used as a name for baby girls.

Pronunciation of the name Siri:


Number of syllables in the name Siri:


Emotion evoked from the name Siri:

Siri tends to evoke emotions of feeling impressed as well as a certain degree of appreciation.

Alternative spellings for the name Siri:

  • Siry
  • Seri

Nicknames for the name Siri:

  • Sear
  • Ri
  • Riri

Popularity of the name Siri:

According to the Social Security Administration, Siri has never been in the list of the most popular baby names in the United States.

Related names for the name Siri:

  • Mae 
  • Venus
  • Jamila

Great middle names for Siri and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Siri:

  • Siri Husvedt (author)
  • Siri Lindley (athlete)
  • Siri Nilsen (singer and voice actress)

Siris in popular culture:

  • Siri (voice assistant on Apple devices)
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