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Stefan may have originated in eastern Europe under a Greek heritage, but it is not one of the most popular names in America. This top 900 name has been on at least the top 1,000 list since the mid-twentieth century. It has a certain reality to it that gives just enough of a unique edge to the ever-popular Stephen.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Stefan:

Stefan is an eastern European version of the baby name Stephen, used in Germany, Russia, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and Poland. Stephen ultimately traces its origins to the Greek name Stephanos. The Greek option became popular in the Christian church throughout Europe, and these eastern European cultures translated it to their own spellings. In German, the name means “crown, wealth”.

baby name Stefan


Symbolism of the Name Stefan:

Stefan means “crown” or “wealth” as this is the same original meaning of Stephanos. The latter Greek name itself literally translates to “that which surrounds”.

Nicknames for the Name Stefan:

Stefan is a sophisticated-sounding name! These nicknames go great with Stefan, so pick the one that suits your taste best:

  • Stevo
  • Stef
  • Steph
  • Stefie
  • Stefi
  • Stefo
  • Stef-Stef
  • Fahn
  • An
  • Tef
  • Teffy
  • Efan
  • Efa
  • Stevie 
  • Teffers

Style of the Name Stefan:


Gender of the Name Stefan:

Stefan is a strong name for boys.

Pronunciation of the Name Stefan:

STEH-fan or STEH-fahn

Number of Syllables in the Name Stefan:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Stefan:

Stefan feels powerful and like a name for a leader. It is very regal and refined.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Stefan:

Popularity of the Name Stefan:

Stefan became a top 1,000 name in the mid-twentieth century. It ascended to its highest placements in the country, on the top 400 list, from 1986 to 1994. As of 2022, Stefan is at rank 948.

Great Middle Names for Stefan and Their Meanings:

  • Delano (marsh, swampland)
  • Calix (chalice)
  • Elijah (Jehovah is my God)
  • Arlo (fortified hill)
  • Elias (The Lord is my God)
  • Rylan (where rye is grown)

Famous People with the Name Stefan:

  • Stefan Salvatore (character from “The Vampire Diaries”)
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