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Pippa is a bright and spirited baby name for girls. It is much more lively than the full version, Philippa. This high-spirited option will help your daughter stand out also, as it is only a top 3,300 name for girls.

Meaning of the name Pippa:

Latin: friend of horses
English: friend of horses

Origin of the name Pippa:

Pippa originated as a nickname for Philippa. Philippa was the Latin and feminine version of Philip, spreading to Great Britain during the popularity of Philip. Philip comes from the Greek title Philippos, coming from two Greek words, “philos” and “hippos.” The name became popular because of several Macedonian kings.

Symbolism of the name Pippa:

The baby name Pippa has the same meaning as Philippa. Philippa is the Latin and English feminine version of Philip. Philip comes from the ancient Greek Philippos, a combination of “philos” and “hippos.” “Philos” translates to “friend” or “lover,” and “hippos” means “horse.”

Style of the name Pippa:


Gender of the name Pippa:

Pippa is a youthful name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Pippa:


Number of syllables in the name Pippa:


Emotion evoked from the name Pippa:

Pippa feels youthful and informal. It is upbeat and wholesome.

Alternative spellings for the name Pippa:

  • Pyppa

Nicknames for the name Pippa:

  • Pip
  • Pippy
  • Pippie
  • Pipsy
  • Pipsie
  • Pips
  • Pipsqueak

Popularity of the name Pippa:

Pippa has no history on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Popularity Index. As of 2021, it is a top 3,300 option for girls. Pippa was number 3,227 last year.

Related names for the name Pippa:

Great middle names for Pippa and their meanings:

  • Eloise (healthy, wide)
  • Joy (joy, joyful, happiness)
  • Cecily (blind, sixth)
  • May (the fifth month, wished-for child)
  • Grace (God's grace)
  • Larke (daybreak)
  • Eleanor (light-hearted, shining light)
  • Louise (famous warrior)

Famous people with the name Pippa:

  • Pippa Middleton (sister of Catherine Middleton)
  • Pippa Scott (actress, “Cold Turkey”)
  • Pippa Mann (racing driver)
  • Pippa Black (actress, “The Cookie Monster”)
  • Pippa Nixon (actress, “Panic”)
  • Pippa Steel (actress, “The Vampire Lovers”)
  • Pippa Grandison (actress, “Muriel's Wedding”)

Pippas in popular culture:

  • Pippa (character from “Pippa Passes”)
  • Pippa Lee (character from “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”)
  • Pippa Saunders (character from “Home and Away”)
  • Pippa (character from the “Eve” series)
  • Pippa Gillespie (character from “Broadchurch”)
  • Pippa (character from “The Goldfinch”)
  • Pippa Ridley (character from “Haven”)
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