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When you think of the name Braxton, you may first think of the surname because of celebrities like Toni Braxton. You would be right in thinking this way, as the name did originally begin as a surname in historical England. The name, around the year 1985 in America, however, became a popular option for boys with the popularity of using surnames as first names.

Meaning of the Name Braxton

In old England, there was once a town named Bracca's town, or in modern English, Brock's town. Individuals who lived in this town were eventually given the surname of Braxton to represent the town that they were from. In modern times, however, and in America since the mid-1980s, the name is a popular name for boys.

Braxton means Brock's town or Bracca's town as it still holds on to the surname background. This was a literal name for a town in historical England where many families with the name Braxton lived.

Nicknames for Braxton

The baby name Braxton feels a bit rough around the edges. It is a unique name that has a strong feeling about itself and deserves a confident and cool nickname to accompany it. Below, we've compiled a list of fun nickname options to help get you started and inspired.

  • Brax
  • Brack
  • Braxx
  • Bee
  • Ax
  • Tony
  • Braxy
  • Braxi

Braxton Name Details

Style: Traditional as a surname and modern as a first name

Gender: Braxton is traditionally considered to be a boys name.

Pronunciation: BRAK-sten

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Braxton

  • Bracksten
  • Brackston
  • Brackstyn
  • Braxten

Braxton Name Popularity

The baby name Braxton gained access to the Social Security Index in 1985, coming in at number 907. It entered the top 200 boy name list in 209 at number 174, where it remains. In the year 2020, Braxton received a ranking of 132.

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Great Middle Names for Braxton and Their Meanings

  • Luke (the bright one)
  • Scott (from Scotland)
  • Paul (small, humble)
  • Lewis (famed warrior)
  • Miles (soldier, servant)
  • Lee (clearing, meadow)
  • Marcus (dedicated to Mars)

Famous People Named Braxton

  • Braxton Bragg (Civil War general in the Confederacy)
  • Braxton Miller (NFL player, Eagles)
  • Braxton Garrett (MLB player, Marlins)
  • Braxton Olita (pop singer, “You and I”)
  • Braxton Underwood (character in “To Kill a Mockingbird”)
  • Braxton Predendergast (villain in “Little Women the Musical”)
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