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Up until the 1940s, Ima was a fairly popular name in the United States. These days, it has an old-fashioned feel, but “Grandma names” are in right now, so it could easily make a comeback. Ima has both German, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Japanese roots, and some people consider it a bit of a humorous baby name due to its pronunciation. Pair Ima with a classic middle name to avoid your daughter being poked fun of in school.

Meaning of the name Ima:

German: Universal
Japanese: Present, now
Aramaic: Mother
Hebrew: Mother

Origin of the name Ima:

Ima has several potential origins. The first is that it's a Japanese vocabulary word name that means “present” or “now.” The second is that it's derived from the German and ultra-popular name Emma. The third is that it's an Aramaic or Hebrew vocabulary word name that means “mother.”

Symbolism of the name Ima:

Ima doesn't offer much in the way of symbolism. New parents may choose the name in hopes that their new daughter is always living in the present. They may also see that their little one makes their family universal or whole, based on its meaning.

Style of the name Ima:

Grandma name, International name

Gender of the name Ima:

Ima is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Ima:

EYE-mah or EE-mah

Number of syllables in the name Ima:


Emotion evoked from the name Ima:

The baby name Ima evokes images of someone who is upbeat and friendly. She always has a positive attitude.

Alternative spellings for the name Ima:

  • Imma

Nicknames for the name Ima:


Popularity of the name Ima:

According to the Social Security Administration, Ima was a top 1,000 baby name for girls up until 1945. It was most popular in 1934 when it ranked at number 445, and it last ranked at 889 in 1945.

Related names for the name Ima:

Great middle names for Ima and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Ima:

  • Ima Hogg (philanthropist)
  • Ima (singer)
  • Ima(one of the only women named and quoted in the Talmud)

Ima in popular culture:

  • “Ima Boss” (song by Meek Mill)
  • Ima Robot (Canadian band)
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