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Vermont’s Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

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Vermont’s Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

Choosing a name for your new little one can be a fun and exciting experience! From unique to classic and strong names, it's fun to see examples and find new meanings. It's also interesting to see what some of the top names are in your state or other areas of the country.

If you're curious about the top baby names in Vermont in 2023, you're in the right place! Every year, the Social Security Administration lists the top baby names of the year, but because it can take some time to compile the information, real-time reporting can be found at Names.org. While some of the names in Vermont are similar to top names across the country, a few are more unique to the area and appear to have classic and historic origins. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular names in Vermont this year.

Vermont's Top Baby Boy Names

While a few of these popular names are also on the Social Security's top ten list, four of them are more unique to the area. Here are the most popular boy names in Vermont.

1. Theodore

Theodore is a popular name both nationwide and in the state of Vermont. While the name's popularity fell to a low point in 1999, it continued to make a comeback and grow in popularity through the 2000s. It was ranked as the SSA's 10th most popular name and Vermont's third most popular name last year.

The name itself has Greek origins and means “gift from God,” or “God-given.” Popular nicknames include Ted, Teddy, and Theo. The name was also made popular by Theodore Roosevelt and even inspired the stuffed animal “teddy.”

2. Oliver

Oliver is another name that continues to be popular throughout the country. It's consistently been on the Social Security Administration's top ten over recent years and was also in the #2 spot last year in Vermont.

While the exact origins of the name are unclear, it's thought to have Latin roots and mean “olive tree.” The name also symbolizes peace as the term “extending an olive branch” means to offer a hand for the sake of peace.

3. Henry

Paper sheet with baby name Henry on grey wooden table, closeup

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While the name Henry is thought to have derived from the French name Henri, the name also has Old Germanic origins that stem from the name Heimeric. Heim, meaning “home,” and “Ric” meaning ruler, the names Heimric and Henry mean “house ruler.”

Henry is another name that continues to be popular. It was ranked as the seventh most popular name nationwide last year and moved down from the #1 spot in Vermont.

4. Hudson

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Despite the popularity of the name Hudson in Vermont, this name hasn't ever cracked the top ten nationwide according to the SSA.

Hudson began as a surname in Medevil times and has a British origin. It means “son of Hudd” and refers to those who made hoods at that time in history. It was also used as a nickname for Hugh and Richard. More popularly in the United States, the name is seen as a last name. Examples include Jennifer Hudson and Kate Hudson.

5. Owen

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Owen is unique in that it appears to have multiple origins. In Welsh, the name means “noble” or “noble-born.” It's also possible that the name derived from from the Welsh name Owain which loosely means “well-born.” In Irish, the name Owen derives from the name Ewen which means “born of the yew tree.” Either way, the name is popular in British, Welsh, and Celtic cultures.

The name clearly continues to grow in popularity in the United States as well. While it doesn't land on the SSA's top ten list, it rose from the #15 spot last year in Vermont.

6. Jackson

Baby Boy Names V

©Tatiana Katsai/Shutterstock.com

Jackson is another name that appears to be more popular in Vermont than in the rest of the county as it was also on Vermont's top ten list in 2022.

As another surname, Jackson traditionally means “son of Jack” and has Old English roots. However, it can be argued that because Jack is a nickname for John, the name Jackson could have Hebrew roots. Like Hudson, this name is popular as both a first and last name across the country.

7. Benjamin

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Benjamin is a traditional Biblical name and has Hebrew origins. Translated, the name means “son of the right hand.” Other sources state the name can also mean “son of the south” and “son of my days.” Either way, Benjamin is a classic name that dates back centuries. Popular nicknames include Benji, Benny, and Ben.

This is also a popular name across the country, coming in at #9 last year on the Social Security Administration's list. It also moved up from the #21 spot last year in Vermont.

8. Wesley

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While not a hugely popular name nationally, Wesley is a classic name that continues to grow in popularity in Vermont. It was ranked #18 last year in the state.

With British origins, Wesley means “western meadow.” It was originally a last name in the 1700s but later turned into a first name that was popular in the Methodist church. Wesley has also fluctuated in popularity over the years. It peaked in the late 1970s, then hit a low point in 2007. It's continued an upward trend since then.

9. William

Popular and modern baby boy fashion name WILLIAM in wooden English language capital letters spilling from a pile of letters on a red background

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Another traditional and classic name, William has an Old German origin that has several meanings. From “resolute protector” to “warrior” and “helmet,” William is a strong name that dates back several centuries. It's derived from the German name Wilhelm but was also made popular in British culture, dating back to William the Conqueror in the early 1000s.

William is also a name that remains popular in both Vermont and across the nation. It was ranked as the 6th most popular boys name by the SSA last year and only moved down one position from the #8 rank last year in Vermont.

10. Noah

Toy blocks spelling out the name "NOAH"


Noah is another name that has strong Biblical roots. It's most famous for the Old Testament story of Noah and the Ark, leading to Hebrew origins. The name also has a few different meanings including “peaceful,” “rest,” and “motion.” Many different countries use this name as well, though the spelling varies by region.

This name was also the 2nd most popular name nationally last year and moved up a few spots on Vermont's list as well.

Vermont's Top Baby Girl Names

More than half of the girl names that are popular in Vermont don't make the Social Security Admin's top ten list. In general, the names below are sophisticated in nature and can be related to popular royals throughout history. Let's dive in!

1. Charlotte

Toy blocks spelling out the name "CHARLOTTE"


Charlotte continues to be a popular name across the nation. It was ranked #3 last year by the SSA and #2 in Vermont.

While the exact origin of this name isn't quite clear, it has appeared in French, Roman, and Italian history. In French, Charlotte is the female version of Charles and means “petite” or “free man.” This name was used heavily by royalty and made popular by Queen Charlotte of England.

2. Isla

Toy blocks spelling out the name "ISLA"


Isla is unique in that it's traced back to both Spanish and Scottish origins. In Scotland, there is an island named Islay, and in Spanish, the word Isla means “island,” so both origins are very closely related. Either way, the name symbolizes the strength of water, making this name popular in many cultures.

Isla has experienced an upward trend of popularity nationwide, though you won't find it on the SSA's top ten list. It also continues to increase in popularity in the state of Vermont.

3. Amelia

Cute baby lying on bed with toy and word AMELIA composed of wooden letters. Choosing name concept

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Similar to Charlotte, Amelia is a name that has been highly recognized by royalty throughout history. While the exact origin is unknown, the name is derived from Amala in German culture. It also has Hebrew origins, coming from the Hebrew word Amal which means “industrious” or “hardworking.”

Amelia continues to be popular across the United States, coming in as the fourth most popular name. It was also the most popular name in Vermont last year.

4. Eleanor

Eleanor Floral Name

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There are a few different origins to the name Eleanor. In French history, this name is derived from Aliénor, while in Greek culture, it's seen as a variation of the name Helen. Whichever culture the name derives from, most agree on its meaning of “shining light,” “light-hearted,” or “sun ray.”

Eleanor is a name that continues an upward trend nationally. It's gained in popularity since the late 1980s and is now in the SSA's top 50 list. In Vermont, the name moved up from the #9 spot last year.

5. Emma

Cute baby with word EMMA lying on bed. Choosing name concept

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For Friends fans, the name Emma became popular after the writers gave this name to Rachel's baby in season eight. The name has been on an upward trend for some time, however, hitting the top 15 in Vermont last year and the #2 spot nationally according to the Social Security Administration.

Emma comes from German origins and means “entire,” “whole,” or “universal.” There have been several famous royalty members with this name throughout history, and it's made popular today by celebrities like Emma Stone and Emma Watson. It's a name that's traditionally partnered with strong and confident women.

6. Olivia

Pregnant woman holding a handmade embroidery with the name Olivia in her hands, concept in anticipation.


As the female variation of the name Oliver, Olivia also has the meaning of an “olive tree.” Olivia is a beautiful name that also signifies peace and has Latin and Roman origins. This name first became popular in the 17th century after William Shakespeare used it as a name for one of his characters in a play.

Olivia continues to top the SSA's top ten list and moved up significantly in Vermont from the #16 position to #6.

7. Lily

Baby Girl Names I


With Latin origins, Lily is a name that has many meanings and uses. Most often, the name means “pure,” “innocent” or “whiteness.” It's derived from the Lily flower, and while the name isn't found in the Bible, the use of the flower is a direct correlation with Biblical stories and saints. Other spellings for this name include Lillie and Lilly. It's also sometimes used as a nickname for Lilith.

Lily is a strong name that has made the SSA's top 100 list since 2007. It wasn't as popular in Vermont last year but is predicted to make quite a jump in 2023.

8. Aurora

Aurora Name in Daisy Letters Reclaimed Wood Background

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Aurora is a name that's been used by several different characters throughout history including Princess Aurora from Dinsey's Sleeping Beauty and Aurora, the goddess of sunrise in Roman mythology. In general, however, the name has Latin origins and means “dawn.” It's also used to describe the Northern Lights: aurora borealis.

This name hasn't traditionally been hugely popular across the country, but it was the 17th most popular name in Vermont last year.

9. Josephine

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Another royal and classic name is Josephine. Derived from the male name Joseph, Josephine has Hebrew origins and means “He shall increase” or “Jehovah increase.” This name is hugely popular in French, German, and British cultures as well, and has been seen throughout history in royalty.

Josephine is another name that doesn't make the SSA's top ten list but continues to grow in popularity both nationally and in Vermont.

10. Chloe

Baby Girl Names T


The name Chloe rounds out the top ten list in Vermont in 2023. While it doesn't make the SSA's top ten list, it's been in the 100 most popular names nationally since the year 2000.

Chloe is a unique name that has Greek origins. It also has a few different meanings including “fertility,” “blooming,” and even indicates a greenish-yellow color. The name was used heavily in Greek mythology and is often seen as a symbol of growth and prosperity. You may also see several different spellings of the name including Khloe and Chloé.

Final Thoughts

While some of the names discussed here are popular countrywide, many are unique to the state of Vermont and have classic and historic roots. One thing is clear, however. Traditional and short, easy-to-pronounce names remain popular into the 2020s.

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