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Two month old, boy and girl fraternal twin babies. They are sleeping and swaddled together in pink and blue wraps that are tied together in a bow.


London is a trendy unisex name. It is the name of a 2005 feature film, and London Tipton is a posh character on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. London is a solid choice for parents interested in a location-inspired name. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning and Origin of the name London:

London is a gender-neutral name of Latin origin that means “great river,” “settlement,” and “trading town.”

London derives from the Latin word Londinium, the capital and commercial center of Roman Britain, and was used during the Roman Empire. This word was the Latin version of the Celtic Lowonidonjon. Most experts believe that these early versions of London meant “great river,” “settlement,” or “trading town.”

Symbolism of the name London:

London derives from the city that bears the same name. As one of the world's most important cities famous symbols for London include the red telephone box, the bearskin hat, and the Tower Bridge.

Style of the name London:


Gender of the name London:

London is a unisex name — it's used for both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name London:


Number of syllables in the name London:


Emotion evoked from the name London:

The name London evokes feelings of substance and style.

Alternative spellings for the name London:

Nicknames for the name London:

London is a unique name for a boy or a girl that has several options for nicknames. We have compiled a list of cute nicknames for you to take into consideration when deciding on which nickname to use. Choosing the perfect one for your child is a very personal decision. You might want to try a few out and see if they are the right fit.

  • Lonnie
  • Lonny
  • Loni
  • Don 
  • Doni
  • Donni
  • Londy
  • Londi
  • Lola

Popularity of the name London:

According to the Social Security Administration index, London was the 195th most popular baby girl name in 2020. London ranked among the top 100 baby girl names from 2011-2014. For boys, London was 872nd most popular name in 2020. London has ranked among the top 1,000 baby names for boys since 2000.

Great middle names for London and their meanings:

Famous people with the name London:

  • London Nicole Breed (San Francisco mayor)
  • London Levi Fletcher-Baker (football player)
  • London Rose Daly (daughter of Carson Daly)
  • London Grace Greenwood (daughter of Christopher Scott Greenwood)
  • London Emilio Hudson (son of (Saul “Slash” Hudson)
  • London Dionne Knibbs-Hughes (comedian)
  • London May (musician)
  • London Jane McDonough (daughter of actor Neil McDonough)
  • London Ava Kay Max (daughter of singer Kevin Max)
  • London Olivia Smith (daughter of sports analyst Kenny Smith)
  • London Tipton (character on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody)
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