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Nicolas is a timeless baby boy’s name that means “victory of the people”. Nicolas is the French variant spelling of Nicholas. While the spelling is popular in both French and English-speaking countries, the pronunciation in French (NEE-KAW-LA) is uncommon in the US. Nicolas has remained a popular choice for boys since the early 1900s.

Meaning of the name Nicolas:

French, English: victory of the people

Origin of the name Nicolas:

Nicolas is a baby boy’s name of French origin that means “victory of the people”. Nicolas is the French variant spelling of Nicholas, but this spelling eventually became common in English-speaking countries as well. Nicolas derives from the Greek name Nikolaos.

Symbolism of the name Nicolas:

Nicolas means “victory of the people”. One of the most abiding historical symbols of victory is the bay laurel wreath that was presented to victors in war and in the famous historic Olympic games.

Style of the name Nicolas:


Gender of the name Nicolas:

Nicolas is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Nicolas:

NEE-KAW-LA (French), NIK-ə-ləs, NIK-ləs (English)

Number of syllables in the name Nicolas:


Emotion evoked from the name Nicolas:

Nicolas evokes feelings of refinement and maturity.

Alternative spellings for the name Nicolas:

Nicholas, Nikolas, Nikola, Nicola, Nickolas

Nicknames for the name Nicolas:

Popularity of the name Nicolas:

According to the Social Security Administration, Nicolas is a popular baby boy’s name. Nicolas has been popular in the US since 1904 when it first appeared in the top 1000 baby names. It remains on the list as of 2020. Nicolas peaked in 1998 at #132.

Related names for the name Nicolas:

Great middle names for the name Nicolas and their meanings:

  • Ryan (little king)
  • Arthur (bear)
  • Constantine (stalwart)
  • Alastair (defender of men)
  • Winslow (friend's hill, burial mound)
  • Joscelin (member of the Gauts tribe)
  • Percy (one who pierces the valley)
  • Xavier (new home)

Famous people with the name Nicolas:

  • Nicolas de Condorcet (French philosipher)
  • Nicolas Cage (American actor)
  • Nicolas Poussin (French Baroque painter)
  • Nicolas Kiefer (German tennis player)
  • Nicolas Sebastien Anelka (French footballer)

Nicolas in popular culture:

  • Nicolas de Lenfent (literature, Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice)
  • Nicolas (comics & literature, “Le Petit Nicolas” series by René Goscinny)
  • Nicolas Brown (comics, “GANGSTA”)
  • Nicolas (video games, “To the Moon”)
  • Major General Nicolas Strauss (video games, “Halo” series)
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