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Noel is a unisex given name of French origin. The name means “Christmas”. Noel is a classy, traditional name that has never really gone out of style. The variant spelling Noelle is more common for girls.

Meaning of the name Noel:

French: Christmas

Origin of the name Noel:

Noel is a French given name that means “Christmas”. In the Medieval period, the name was given to children that were born on the holiday.

Symbolism of the name Noel:

Noel means “Christmas” and is symbolized by all of the common icons of the holiday: the guiding star, Christmas trees, snow, and angels.

Style of the name Noel:


Gender of the name Noel:

Noel is both a girl's and boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Noel:

NOL, NO-əl

Number of syllables in the name Noel:


Emotion evoked from the name Noel:

Noel evokes feelings of good will and celebration.

Alternative spellings for the name Noel:

Noelle, Nole

Nicknames for the name Noel:

There are no common nicknames for the name Noel.

Popularity of the name Noel:

According to the Social Security Administration, Noel is a unisex baby name. As a boy’s name, Noel has been consistently popular since 1900 and peaked at #237 in 1938. As a girl’s name, Noel fluctuated in popularity between 1932 and 1998, peaking in popularity in 1987 at #587.

Related names for the name Noel:

Great middle names for the name Noel and their meanings:



Famous people with the name Noel:

  • Noel Gallagher (lead singer of Oasis)
  • Noel Anthony Clarke (English actor, director and screenwriter)
  • Noel Coward (playwright and musician
  • Noel Edmonds (TV presenter)
  • Noel Fisher (Canadian actor)

Noel in popular culture:

  • Noel Crane (television, “Felicity”)
  • Noel Kahn (television, “Pretty Little Liars”)
  • Noel Kreiss (video game, “Final Fantasy XIII-2”)
  • Noel Shempsky (television, “Frasier”)
  • Papai Noel (name for Santa Claus in some countries)
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