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Lawanda was a top 400 name in the late twentieth century, but it is now a top 11,000 name. This option is a modern variation of the more popular Wanda. The latter has legendary Polish and German roots, dating back to King Krak.

Meaning of the name Lawanda:

American: a Wend, a young tree

Origin of the name Lawanda:

Lawanda is a variation of the baby name Wanda. Parents decided to put the “la-” suffix in front of the latter option. Wanda is a Germanic name that refers to the people group that lived in eastern Germany, called the Wends. It is also associated with Polish folklore, as Wanda was the daughter of King Krak who founded Krakow.

Symbolism of the name Lawanda:

The baby name Lawanda means “a Wend” since it comes from the name Wanda. Wanda also can mean “a young tree,” giving Lawanda the same meaning.

Style of the name Lawanda:


Gender of the name Lawanda:

Lawanda is an urban name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Lawanda:


Number of syllables in the name Lawanda:


Emotion evoked from the name Lawanda:

Lawanda is a unique and urban name. It is modern and powerful.

Alternative spellings for the name Lawanda:

  • Launda
  • Lauannda
  • Lawannda
  • Lewanda
  • Lewannda

Nicknames for the name Lawanda:

Popularity of the name Lawanda:

Lawanda became a top 1,000 option in America in 1927 when it was number 849. The name became a top 500 option in 1971, ranking at 475. It even went to the top 400 list for one year, which was 1975 when it was number 385. 1984 was the last year Lawanda was a top 1,000 option at rank 927.

Related names for the name Lawanda:

Great middle names for Lawanda and their meanings:

  • Tamryn (palm tree)
  • Jolene (God will increase)
  • Brianna (noble, exalted, high)
  • Danette (God is my judge)
  • Riley (wood clearing)
  • Milan (kind, loving, gracious)
  • Ainsley (one, only, wood, meadow)
  • Evelyn (wished for child)

Famous people with the name Lawanda:

  • Lawanda Page (actress, “Sanford and Son”)
  • Lawanda Lindsey (country music singer)
  • Lawanda Johnson (author)

Lawandas in popular culture:

No fictional characters have the name Lawanda.